Paul Bere

Celebrating African Love Through Poetry

THE CHRONICLES OF BENEVOLENT AFFECTION: A DECLARATION OF LOVE, TRIBULATIONS AND HOPE Most African writers write about war, famine, hunger and politics so it is refreshing to read love poems written by a Zimbabwean male author. Paul S. Bere was born in the town of Chiredzi in Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe. He started writing as early […]

Michelle Obama at Tuskegee University

Obama’s Tuskegee Speech Too Honest for Some

Michelle Obama gave the following commencement speech at Tuskegee University a Historically Black college that was started by the freed slave Booker T. Washington. Americans like to be comfortable and this comfort has brought a dangerous silencing” into American public conversation “The fear of causing offense, the fear of ruffling the careful layers of comfort, […]

ANC three Presidents

Why Inequality is Prevalent in South Africa

The BBC recently conducted in depth interviews with different stakeholders about the reasons for inequality in South Africa. These insightful interviews offer a glimpse into issues that South Africa is facing and the roots of those problems. Some blame the education system, the ANC, the struggle for independence and even corruption. However, another viewpoint shows […]

michael akindele

Gamechanger Akindele Dominating Apple in Nigeria

In Thomas Friedman’s groundbreaking book the World is Flat he quotes Bill Gates as saying he would rather be a genius in China today than an average guy in Poughkeepsie NY, USA. If the same question was to be asked of Gates today he would say I would rather be a genius in Nigeria than […]