Rupert Murdoch is Big Brother


    Big Brother identity revealed

    In what seems to be an epic of magnificent proportions the true identity of Big brother which had been hidden through “Operation Weapons of Mass Distraction” has been exposed.
    Weapons of mass distraction were manufactured right under our noses at the British factory News of the World. Many are wondering if in fact right in our own backyard these weapons that were meant to hide the true identity of Big Brother Rupert Murdoch himself. Rumors are circulating that this operation was in fact executed at NewsCorp’s Fox News. An unnamed source has revealed that Glenn Beck may have been the Project Manager overseeing this billion dollar operation for the Murdoch Empire. The plan was very simple; accuse the Obama administration and the government of being big brother which will keep the focus on Obama and ensure that the real Big Brother’s identity is kept top secret. Now the truth comes out we have learned that the true identity of Big Brother is in fact Rupert Murdoch.
    This has been one of the best operations in modern history Rupert Murdoch claiming to stand for justice and liberty for all, true American values yet in his own house performing the most atrocious violations known to mankind and violating rights in ways that the western world has ever seen. Surely you would expect this behavior from dictator or some communist not some “liberty loving self respecting businessman” like Mr. Murdoch.