On the first day of Michelle Obama’s solo trip to Africa on the “YES YOUTH CAN” tour she landed in South Africa accompanied by first daughters. So we should ask why Obama is embarking on this African trip? It is certainly not because she just wants to come to Africa, absolutely not this is too simplistic. It is not because she wants to trace her ancestry as some would like to suggest. The more plausible explanation is that Obama like the rest of the futurists can see that Africa is the next big place on the global economy. US foreign policy in the past was that of containment because in their mind ‘what good could come out of Africa?’ was the general consensus. The Reagan Administration supported the apartheid regime of Botha and was totally opposed to the idea of African liberation. It was in the late ‘90s that US foreign policy towards Africa began to change under one Bill Clinton who embarked on the longest foreign trip of any US President in US history coming to Africa. Why would the most powerful man in the world now want to come to Africa?

     GW Bush the 43rd US President gave the most aid to Africa up to that point and despite his global unpopularity remained fairly popular in Africa. Then of course now a descendent of Africa occupies the Oval office; the highest office in the land and his other half is in a weeklong trip to Africa, southern Africa to be more exact. So what is the purpose of Lady Obama on her trip to Southern Africa? The change of course is based on US futuristic thinking and forecasting global trends. In management or leadership they say that there are those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened. So having access to all the business intelligence in the world it is a no brainer that the Obamas want to use their influence to get America a piece of the African pie. The US watched China fulfill the dreams of colonialist Cecil John Rhodes to build a highway from Cape to Cairo, something that the United Kingdom failed to do. The US watched India and China invest heavily in Africa and of course the bell went off for the US, which was determined not to be outdone by the Far East. The United Kingdom has major investments in Africa and of course France has most of its army in former Francophone countries. Then don’t tell me that all these countries do not see gold when they look at Africa. So what does this have to do with Obama & daughters in Africa? They are here to win the hearts and minds and to influence because of course the  Obama Administration is about to focus on Africa and Michelle has been sent to break the fallow ground use their influence to get America a piece of the African pie. This is America it’s never personal just business