“Haffajee does it for White Masters” Moyeni v. Haffajee


    This article was originally published by The Sowetan and is the subject of controversy in South Africa. The Sowetan has since removed the article from their site. Please tell us what you think. Does Eric Moyeni address real issues in South Africa or is he just covering for Malema by using violent language?


    JULIUS Malema must never answer a Ferial Haffajee. Who the devil is she anyway if not a black snake in the grass, deployed by white capital to sow discord among blacks?

    In the 80s she’d probably have had a burning tyre around her neck. We know where she comes from. She was groomed by The Mail & Guardian, the same newspaper that produces the Jacob Dlaminis of this world, black people who say it was nice to live in the townships under apartheid.

    And today we must believe that Haffajee’s utter hatred of ANC politicians is based on journalistic integrity. Quadruple crap. I am more inclined to think that people like Haffajjee, who edits City Press, are most likely to be the kind that wakes up in the morning, sees their black faces in the mirror only to feel a wave of self-hatred rising up to nauseate them.

    Who’s this mystery businessman that apparently paid R200 000 into Malema’s family trust? Which government tender did Malema grant him and how?

    Can we be sure that City Press did not manufacture these facts? If it didn’t, how do we know it did not break the law to obtain them and then twisted these “facts” to ruin Malema? We know that News Of The World was closed down in England because its journalists illegally hacked into people’s private phones for news. Who’s to say that Haffajee’s City Press isn’t doing the same?

    And let’s say Malema does have a family trust, that the trust is funded by black businesspeople and that these businesspeople made their fortune through government tenders. What the hell is wrong with all that?

    It’s clear to everybody that white South African business is locking black people out. The only real source of business for us is our government. Are we now being told that if we make money through government contracts, our only hope, we cannot use that money to help fellow black people who are in politics, who need private funding to function?
    Where then should black politicians get financial support?

    Trusts are legal entities. There is no legal limit to how much legally earned money can be put in them or by whom. If Malema has a family trust that is not in breach of any law, it is none of Haffajee’s or anybody’s business. The man is not a government official.

    Mandela has trusts in his name, but because white people put money in them there are no Haffajee complaints. The white DA receives money largely from white business, which is the main economic beneficiary of the government’s tender system.
    The Haffajees of this racist world are not digging up any dirt on DA officials. Instead, they sickeningly presume that white fortune is legitimately earned until proven otherwise and that it’s the opposite for black success.

    To hell with Haffajee and her kind.and her kind.