The Future of Internet Service in Africa: Jabulani Dhliwayo talk to CNN

    A new breed of internet entrepreneurs is about to be unleashed in Southern Africa with the introduction of new fiber optic cables that will dramaticaly increase the speed and availability of internet service while lowering the cost. Just as this changed the internet in the US and Europe, this revolution is about has begun. More people will have access to high speed internet because it will become cheaper and more affordable to the masses. Currently high speed internet service is expensive and uses satellite.
    The next decade in Southern African economies will be technology driven and it is up to entrepreneurs to capitalize on this opportunity. Just as we saw the increase in young billionaires and millionaires in Europe, US, China and India; this internet revolution belongs to young Africans. It is time to start refinning your computer codes and programs so that you can churn out the next Facebook, Groupon, YouTube etc with an African twist. If young Africans capitalize on this opportunity there will no doubt become millionaires who will change the face of business and technology for their generation. Africa is almost a blank canvas waiting to be painted.