Wikileaks Exposes Fragile Politics in Zimbabwe

    Wikileaks Exposes Fragile Politics in Zimbabwe
    The recent release of Wikileaks documents have further exposed political relationships in Zimbabwe. Even though we would love to know what happens behind the scenes in diplomatic circles there is no doubt that the level of exposure created by Wikileaks is discomfiting. It will cause more rifts in an already fragile political environment. While it makes great news for readers it will undoubtedly create more enemies than friends in Zimbabwe. There are more unanswered questions and even more questions that arise after one has read some of the details from these diplomatic cables.
    It seems Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono was very cozy with the American Ambassador enough to tell him about his personal dealings and to include details from his conversations with Grace Mugabe. However, one has to ask, “What would possess him to discuss such details with an American??” I guess we know where his loyalty is.
    On the part of ZANU-PF Wikileaks helps to show the citizens of Zimbabwe that after Mugabe is gone the party will be gone too. Why was Mujuru backing Makoni and then backing away? Is that why he is dead now, only a year or less away from the next elections?
    On the part of MDC, the once opposition now ruling party. Please do not air your dirty laundry, because now we know that the Tsvangirai is basically a puppet not for the West but for Strive Masiyiwa and that is not a good feeling for your supporters. Maybe Masiyiwa should run for President and not Tsvangirai. At the same time thanks to Masiyiwa, it was more difficult to rig elections the last time, so much so that Mugabe couldn’t admit that he had lost the first round and just decided to never release the results.
    The biggest lesson one must take away from this is, “Never discuss your business with American diplomats because one day it might be exposed and you will be embarrassed or dead”
    Courtesy of Lillian Mhosva 2011