Zenophobia OR Gynophobia in South Africa


    A Zimbabwean woman only known as Susan was attacked in Cape Town, South Africa in a bizarre manner. Given the history of South Africa and foreigners it is not too far fetched to link this with Xenophobia, a recurring theme in SA. At the same time South Africa is not known for being friendly to women either. To help Susan as she recovers from this ordeal we urge you all to assist in whatever way possible. Read more details about her story on SWRADIO AFRICA.

    The details for her fund are listed below:

    Bank: Standard Bank
    Branch code: 020909
    Name: Acid Attack Medical Expense Account,
    Branch: Thibault Square
    Account number: 074421395.

    Only a few months ago Farai Kujirichita was killed in Johannesburg, South Africa.

     Prior to this incident there have been many more times when foreigners, especially Zimbabweans have been attacked in South Africa’s townships just because of their nationality. Many of these murderers claim they attack foreigners because they are taking their jobs.