Ghanaian Film on the World Stage: The Destiny of Lesser Animals

    The 47th Chicago International Film Festival is running from Oct 6-20 2011 and this year’s theme is “what the world is watching”…. See for yourself” for more details go to or AMC River East 21 322 E. Illinois St. and visit We have chosen to feature a Ghanaian production being screened as the Festival’s official selection; The Destiny of Lesser Animals.  “The Destiny of Lesser Animals.”  is a must see from African filmmakers Sibo Ne Kra and Dabo Ne Kra setting a standard on the global stage. It is the official selection for Chicago International Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Festival and the Seattle International Film Festival. This feature is one of the Black Perspectives Films set in Ghana and New York City and takes us through the life of Boniface Komissan who is yearning to return to America and make a life for himself there. The film is overall well done and has been designed to cater to an international audience. The investigation plot was the only portion that seemed a little off.
    The movie highlights the yearning of millions of young Africans who believe that their solution lies in going overseas and they become so consumed with the idea that they fail to see opportunities in their home countries right in front of their noses.
    The black and white footage from Ghana’s independence helps to fill in the blanks and gives the audience a lesson in Ghanaian history and politics. We see the irony of a man who becomes a mentor to Boniface dies believing in a better Ghana and yet he is the product of what is wrong with Ghana.
    The backdrop of the slave holding quarters and the uncle expressing the cry of the elders he says in essence our children left physically in times past but now though they are physically present their heart is beyond the ocean in America.
    Overall this is a good production that paves the way for more film production from Ghana and the continent of Africa. This movies has garnered a lot of attention and good reviews at its screenings. Congratulations!