The New Face of Africa: Tererai Trent


    Dr. Tererai Trent is now known as Oprah’s Favorite guest . Her story is not only inspiring but it will give new a definition of what education means for poor young girls in Africa. Dr. Trent was born in the remote village of Zvipani, Zimbabwe. During the time she was born most parents believed that education was only for boys but Dr. Trent would learn to read by secretly using her brother’s books. At the age of 11 she was married off and by eighteen was a mother to three children.

    An encounter with a woman from Heifer International who was visiting her village changed her life. She told her about her desire to go to America to study for a BS, Masters and PhD. She was told that this was achievable and heeded to her mother’s advice to write her dreams down and bury them.

    Tererai began to work for Heifer and several Christian organizations as a community organizer. She used the income to take correspondence courses, while saving every penny she could. In 1998 she was accepted to Oklahoma State University where she graduated with a BS in Agricultural Education.  Tererai pursued a Ph.D at Western Michigan University. She is now married, to Mark Trent. Oprah pledged to help Dr. Trent to educated more girls in Zimbabwe by building a school. We wish Dr. Trent the best because education truly makes a difference.
    Consider CAMFED (the Campaign for Female Education), Save the Children and CARE to help send more girls to school in Africa.