South Africa, Malema is Right on Economic Justice

Julius Malema- Former ANCYL Leader

SOUTH Africa’s ruling African National Congress has suspended Youth League leader, Julius Malema, for five years on Thursday after finding him guilty of sowing division. He is accused of sowing division in the party, however we all know that his real crime is calling for ‘Black Empowerment’. ANC is now a corrupt party whose values are rooted in corruption and not democracy.

The decision by the ANC will temporarily affect Malema but it remains to be seen if his power will completely diminish. The ANC leaders have. The sacking of Malema is  the seed for an economic revolution that South Africa is desperately in need of. South African stocks showed gains after news of the suspension of Malema who has unnerved investors with his drive to nationalize mines.  This should be a sign that Malema’s message is right on track. There are people in ANC and those who have the economic reigns of South Africa who want to maintain the status quo while ordinary South Africans suffer in silence.

Often critics of Malema are quick to point out Zimbabwe as an example of what will happen if the message of empowerment he preaches takes root, however they fail to realize that most South Africans are poor anyway. What good is an economy to a person without a job, without land, without education and good health care and a bleak future? The ordinary South African is not enjoying the fruits of the good economy as unemployment remains high, educational opportunities scarce and they have no access to the best land for agriculture. The investors that ANC supports are enjoying the fruits of South Africa’s land in some western country while ordinary natives languish in poverty.

Malema is giving a voice to the voiceless. I hope that ANC has made the biggest mistake because this will create an opportunity to begin the conversation on economic inequality in South Africa. ANC is trying to create a clear path for Zuma’s victory but the question is WHAT HAS ZUMA DONE FOR SOUTH AFRICA SINCE HE TOOK OFFICE??? Almost nothing except maintain the status quo that leaves black South Africans marginalized. Corruption is still rampant, unemployment is high and access to basic services like education and healthcare are still challenging.

Malema must refuse to be marginalized because his message is valid. Just because the ANC does not want you does not mean South Africa has rejected you. Malema is by no means a Saint but we all know that this is an attempt to silence the voice of reason and the voice for economic justice in South Africa.

Article by Lillian Mhosva 2011


  1. Anonymous, one does not need to know Malema to know that he has a constituency of the very poor and really marginalized South Africans that the mainstream ANC is ignoring. Lillian, your analysis is spot-on!

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