Changing Perceptions through Football for Women


    Namibia’s Women’s Football coach, Jacqui Shipanga is an everyday hero trying to make a difference by establishing a football league for women. Through her program she has established the first women’s league in Namibia. She uses examples such as Japan’s recent victory in the World Cup as a sign of the future if someone invests in women’s football.

    Jacqui Shipanga faced a lot of opposition in trying to establish herself as a football player. Her parents were not so willing to support her and wanted her to pursue a formal education only. However, Jacqui refused to quit and wherever she went she set up a women’s football team. She was appointed as a national coaching FIFA instructor and World Cup Technical Study Group that uses statistics for information which can be used by coaches worldwide. Only after finding success did her family and country finally accept her and believe in her passion.

    Jacqui Shipanga is an everyday hero now using football to help girls, build their self-esteem and reduce the chances of teenage pregnancies and HIV/AIDS. To date football is now the number one female sport in Namibia thanks to her efforts and those of many others.