Is Genocide in Africa Sponsored by America???


When this DVD came across my desk I thought it was just something worth watching on a Sunday afternoon when one has nothing else to do.

However “Apocalypse Africa: Made in America” quickly evolves into something worthwhile and informative because it is not just another half baked idea or way to make money. The interviews were very informative and credible including Roger Morris who served in the National Security Council for the Johnson and Nixon Administrations, Randall Robinson former President of TransAfrica and Brian Clowes of Human Life International.

This by no means seeks to bash the West or sow seeds of hatred and racism but it offers viewers an opportunity to learn about the forces behind some of the misery that Africans have endured in the 20th and 21st Century.

Apocalypse Africa: Made in America

“Africans just can’t run things, they just can’t run things” says Nixon. Are Africa’s problems truly a conspiracy by the American government? Does the CIA assist war lords and thugs to orchestrate coups and such? The CIA supposedly sponsored the coups in Ghana, Uganda, The Congo, Liberia, Burundi for the sake of natural resources that are in abundance such as gold, diamonds, rubber. Most of the uranium used to build the nuclear bombs dropped in World War Two even came from the Congo.
They also ask the still unanswered mystery of “Who killed Lumumba or who orchestrated the killing?” And how did Mobuto manage to take over the country so easily?

In Liberia: Who funded the coup in 1980? Why did the US offer the new government $500 million as soon as they took over the country? In the interview with Roger Morris, National Security Council for the Johnson and Nixon Administration he articulates the motives and mindset of American leadership. According to Morris, Every coup detat in post colonial Africa from about 1957 to now with the exception of 2 or 3 were orchestrated or aided by the United States. The motive of the Americans he says is part of the conspiracy of population control. The fastest growing continent is Africa and most of its inhabitants are black. The National Security Study Memorandum (NSSM) 200 sites global overpopulation as a threat to the United States.

The strategy of the US government if best articulated by Brian Clowes of Human Life International who says, “Allow people to kill themselves in a form of assisted genocide because you can’t kill people directly anymore. NSSM 201 was focused on increasing arms sales to black Africa in order to destabilize newly formed government after independence and still be able to control resources.
One thing stands out from conversations with Randall Robinson, former President of TransAfrica because he asks as we all should, “Who supplies all the sophisticated artillery used by rebel leaders and break away groups that orchestrate coups or try to take over countries?”

Although most racism is no longer overt, it is apparent according to Roger Morris that if the inhabitants of Sub-Saharan Africa were white, the United States would never sponsor genocide and civil unrest that would lead to the death of over $20 million Africans. This DVD is great and worth the time!

Article by Lillian Mhosva 2012