Real Housewives of Atlanta Showcase South Africa


    The Real Housewives of Atlanta took a trip to South Africa in Episodes 12, 13 and apparently they will still be there in episode 14. It was the popular Nene Leakes, Khandi Burress, Cynthia, Marlo, Sheree and Phaedra Parks, who organized the trip. Kim was not able to make it because she has a new- born baby and was not up to making a trip to ‘Africa’ as they call it as though to imply that they visited the whole continent. They arrived in Cape Town and spend about a day or two there. 

    However the most interesting part was when they travelled to Shamwari Game Reserve. It was a great showcase of South Africa, however the ignorant women reinforced their ignorant ways. They went for safari in heels and were always quick to emphasize the labels they adorned and most of the time failed to appreciate the beauty of the zebras, giraffe’s and the beauty of nature. 

    In episode 12 they are almost surprised that the hotel is up to date to the level they are used to in America. These housewives are probably the poorest in the Housewives franchise and it shows with their behavior in South Africa. They are not well travelled nor well cultured.

    Episode 13: They visit Shamwari Game Reserve. While there they also decide to visit an orphanage. On their way they meet some school children who sing for them and hug them. When asked what they know about the US, their first response is R&B and they sing and dance for them while they record video with their cellphones.

    They walk into one of the local supermarkets and buy some groceries and goods for the orphanage for R2450 which is equivalent to about $300 US dollars.  Along the way they stop and donate some goods to villagers. They made their donations to the orphanage and seemed to enjoy the time they spent with the kids particularly Khandi and Phaedra.

    Despite some of their behavior we appreciate how they showcased South Africa to millions of Americans who may be considering making a trip to ‘Africa’ or to one of the many countries on the continent of Africa.

    Article by Samantha Dhlamini, Cape Town: South Africa 2012