The Trump Family Hunting in Zimbabwe


A few days ago pictures of Donald Trump’s sons surfaced that showed them with carcasses from a hunting expedition in Zimbabwe in 2010. Donald Trump the American mogul who contemplated running for the highest office in America as a Republican candidate for President seems to like vacationing in the land where Mugabe rules. Zimbabwe has been on the ‘Axis of evil’ list for many years now but it seems that the American GOP hopeful’s sons do not mind palling around with dictators in Zimbabwe. 

It seems that this ‘Axis of evil’ is the playground for the wealthy with several Westerners opting to vacation there despite the sanctions. Other 
Trump is a real estate mogul/ marketer/ hotelier/ golf course developer more famous for his name than anything else. It is interesting that the Zimbabwean government which is anti-West embraced the Trump sons which are the embodiment of Western capitalism. 
While they were in Zimbabwe they hunted a leopard which is on the endangered species list in Zimbabwe. 

It is not clear how the Trump sons got their licenses to hunt for this precious Zimbabwean treasure. Corruption is rampant in Zimbabwe and there have been questions raised about the legality of the hunt but these are the sons of a multi-millionaire/ billionaire American tycoon who can buy anything in Zimbabwe where everything is on sale. It is interesting that Zimbabwean officials wanted to investigate the matter; more like send a thief to catch a thief.
These hunting farms are an example of the wealth disparity that exists in the different groups in Zimbabwe. Most hunting farms are in the hands of the minority whites and ruling Zanu PF party cronies who are awarded licenses to carry out this business.