Malawi’s President Mutharika: Died Of Pride


There was much chatter on the blogosphere regarding the prophecy echoed some 60 days ago by Nigerian prophet TB Joshua about the sudden death of an old African leader. Some called him out of line, others stated that announcing the death was uncultured. However, it was clear that Malawi’s Mutharika and Zimbabwe’s Mugabe and their followers were vocal about the matter. It turns out that the word was for Mutharika who died on Thursday April 5thof a heart attack.

It was perhaps his pride that killed the Malawian leader who refused to take criticism constructive or otherwise as reports have indicated his displeasure at the small sound of criticism. When TB Joshua stated that someone was going to die it was clear that God was giving that leader ample time to repent and set their house in order some notable Christians remarked regarding this matter. It goes to show the love of God giving him time to repent.

President Mutharika could not be resuscitated because the hospital lacked the facilities needed for such as routine procedure. This is the extent of the dilapidation of the infrastructure that plagues nations ruled by unscrupulous dictators. It seems that the leader got a taste of his own medicine and experienced what ordinary Malawians go through as a result of inadequate health care, a basic human right. There wasn’t enough time for him to be rushed to South Africa or Singapore or some western country for treatment.

 In recent times there has been a belief that a President should have some economic experience which Mutharika had, yet his policies did not bring the people of Malawi out of systematic poverty. Mutharika a World Bank economist trained in the ways of western capitalism did not have enough education or experience to deal with problems that plagued the small southern African country. He spent too much time out of Africa to be able to empathize and custom make solutions that actually addressed the issues that plagued Malawi. So much for World Bank training!!


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