Mugabe Gets Religious at 88th Birthday


    Robert Mugabe the leader of the nation of Zimbabwe celebrated his 88th birthday with a life size 5ft crocodile as his birthday cake.  Though his birthday took place in February we only saw this picture recently and had to make mention of the significance of his cake. The cake highlighted Mugabe’s belief in the occult and in Shona ancient belief by channeling the spirit of the crocodile in his celebration.

    This crocodile cake was said to represent his totem “gushungo”. The concept of totems started in ancient Shona culture when men went and hunted an animal and channeled the spirit of that animal to gain supernatural powers. Men who sought more powers hunted more powerful and dreadful animals to acquire those powers. In this case Mugabe’s ancestors must have channeled the crocodile spirit which he is channeling too.
    In the picture below Mugabe is paying homage to this totem possibly to explain why he had not died as others of his age. That is why though he says he is a Christian mocks Jesus Christ by saying he has resurrected more times than Jesus Christ. Mugabe mixes Christianity and ancient Shona occultism as part of his spiritual existence. The proof is in the cake, after all a picture is worth a thousand words.


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