Nigeria Cannot Be Built in A Day!


    A few weeks ago CNN profiled Nigeria and the wealth gap, however Nkepile Mabuse exhibited a great lack of professionalism. While the only way is up and all directions regarding Nigeria’s economy is up there are some reports such as this one which remind you that people have unreasonable expectations. The price of oil on the world market has made not only middle eastern countries very wealthy but this west African country Nigeria as well. Once the people decided to stop the foolish fighting and coups they got organized and began working for the development of their society.

    The idea that wealth is concentrated in the few minority and that everyone else is living in abject poverty may have some truth but what society does not? Even in the richest country in the world America there is the top 1% that has the good life and everyone else is left to share the leftovers. Why does the reporter expect that Nigeria should be any different?

    Just because the Nigerian economy is growing at more than 7% does not automatically translate into a lavish lifestyle for all citizens. Just like any other country, the rich will always profit the most and the larger population will remain poor. Keeping citizens out of poverty is an issue all countries deal with.  Journalism of this caliber negates the challenges that all societies face in dealing with issues surrounding poverty. Profiling a subsistence farmer in Nigeria only works to dispel any kind of argument offered in this report. For the reality is that when you are a subsistence farmer, any changes in your income or wealth are affected more by weather patterns than the price of oil. Subsistence farmers typically only produce enough for their consumption and sell a minimal part of their produce. In this scenario, and realistically the only way for her to benefit from the oil in Nigeria is through western style government welfare but I have never known anyone to get rich from welfare. 

    I do believe citizens can expect to benefit from the wealth in their country such as is happening in Botswana however let us keep expectations realistic. All Nigerians will not become rich tomorrow just like Americans still live in poverty even in the richest country. In China, the economy continues to grow in leaps and bounds but the gap between rich and poor continues to grow. I do not condone corruption which is a big factor in Nigeria but I caution biased reporting like the one displayed by CNN. 


    1. I agree with you. Countries like India and China, which are developing have massive income wealth gaps….and its even worse in the West. This reminds me of a story…am not too sure on its authenticity but…in the mid-90s some British reporter wanted to compare Mugabe’s lifestyle and income to that of the poorest Zimbabwean. Mugabe apparently agreed on condition that that same reporter go do that for the Queeen of England and the poorest citizen in Britain. The reporter did not come back! This isnt an endorsement by of any means of the Zimbabwean president but i hope you get my point.

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