Zuma-Ngema Cultural Shame?


    While all eyes are fixated on the Ngema-Zuma wedding and the rest of South Africa is debating on the merits and demerits of Zuma’s polygamous household a storm is brewing in the land of opportunity. There are just some cultural aspects that serve no significant purpose rather than the lustful wants of the leader. While the ANC leader is chasing after women a young ambitious man Malema is listening to the voice of the people and echoing their concerns.

    We want to add that polygamy is not a South African tradition but a Zulu tradition which is practiced by backward members of that tribe. Miss Ngema once a concubine is now officially taking over first lady duties. In the past women were subjected to polygamy because they were uneducated and did not have any means to support themselves and therefore stuck around to their husbands even in the case of abuse. This behavior is surprising for a woman of her caliber educated and has worked for global companies such as Deloitte & Touche; IBM and JIC Mining and yet at her core she still wants to marry a married man with HIV who has been accused of rape and incest and all other sexual deviant behavior. 

    African reactions from around the world:
     She professes to be a devout Christian so why hasn’t she read the bible  in Corinthians where it says ‘each man should have his own wife and each woman her own husband
                       Emma, U.K.

    Ngema is certainly not a role model for young girls who go to school so that they have choices and can choose to marry and live in monogamy.

                          Sherry, Durban

    Many Zulus are dying of HIV and its customs like these that propel the problem.

                           Nothando, Bulawayo

    What a shame Zuma is focused on marrying more women and Malema is brainwashing the children and building momentum South Africa is in trouble.
                  Pepukai Zimbabwe
    Zuma is a trendsetter soon America will also elect a Mormon whose religion and culture allows polygamy and this will be the norm.
               Ben USA


    1. Polygamy is a Zulu culture that was and is not practise by all Zulu’s there is nothing wrong about those who still practise it we are leaving a democratic society. Muslim women wear black and conceal their beauty we don’t see that being criticised if it was a black culture it was going be labelled left right and centre…

      SSD Durban KZN

      • Gugulethu Sibanda
        Point taken but im interested to know what Zulus in an HIV infested country like South Africa think of the custom.As a Zimbabwean living in South Africa i am appalled.

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