African Union Chair SA Dlamini-Zuma vs China-Gabon Ping


 Africa has always been ruled by men except in ancient times in Ethiopia with the Queen of Sheba, Queen Veronica Matamba of Angola and Queen Candace of Ethiopia so the idea of women in power is very much an African concept and there is nothing European or western about it to those who know their history.
Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma is SADC’s choice to assume the position at the African Union must garner two thirds of the votes to get the post. Dlamini- Zuma ex-wife of South African President Jacob Zuma is a Medical doctor by profession from the University of Liverpool, U.K and activist is vying for this position which will be a first for an African woman.
“Most African women are viewing this election by asking the question whether women have a voice in African Political experience and on the broader world stage. Last month Nigerian born Ngozi Iweala-Okonjo lost the bid for the top job at the World Bank so we would like to see Dlamini-Zuma get this job at the AU”
 Ella , Sena Mozambique 
 Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) is an economic trading bloc which is made up of the following countries:
The incumbent Chinese,-Gabonese Jean Ping whose mother is Gabonese is contending for the position as well. Ping has a doctorate in Economics from the University of Paris and has the strong backing of the North and West African states. Some in the south have wondered if the Chinese also have a stake in seeing Ping return. Ping has strong ties to Chinese leadership and brought Hu Jintao to Gabon which opened the door to more Chinese investment in Africa. Is Ping ushering in Chinese imperialism and blocking the advancement of Africa through Dlamini-Zuma’s leadership.

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