Al Bashir continuing Arab slavery of blacks in South Sudan


    Shame on the African Union for not stopping this cruel attack on black people of South Sudan for the sake and love of money. During apartheid all African countries were united against the evil system that was affecting black people but today Benin’s Foreign Minister Nassirou Arifari Bako reiterated his support for this evil man who has destroyed many black lives.

    • Arabs enslaved between 17-30 million black people during the Arab-African slave trade
    •  Black women were used as prostitutes
    •  Black men were castrated
    What is interesting is the deafening silence of the African American community which is very vociferous when describing Atlantic slave trade but turns their head at what is happening in Darfur more recently at the Sudan-south Sudan border.  Al Bashir is the butcher of Khartoum and the Hitler of our time by the bigger question is why Africa is silent about these crimes against humanity? The African Union still wants Al Bashir to go about business as usual as if nothing is going on in South Sudan. Where are the men in Africa who will stand up for justice and what is right? Joyce Banda was right to stand up against Al Bashir and let him know that Malawi and a whole lot of Africans denounce his actions by forbidding him to set foot in Malawi. This bold and decisive move by Banda shows that finally we have an African leader who stands up for the rights of Black Africans.
    When it came to apartheid Africans as well as African Americans were very adamant about its evil but when it comes to South Sudan there isn’t a concerted effort. One may ask why? Why is Africa sitting idly by as this Hitler Al Bashir massacres millions of Black people? What happened to Black power and united we stand?
    Martin Luther King an American icon for civil rights once eloquently stated to the blacks and the whites who wanted to stand on the sidelines and not challenge the status quo
    “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”

     South Sudan has a right to exist and Sudan in the north has to realize that. Al Bashir continuing the slavery of blacks in the Arab tradition. The Arabs were the first to enslave black people and continue to massacre blacks while the world watches but we will not the silent against these atrocities.


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