Banda of Malawi to Overturn Ban on homosexuality


    Joyce Banda was sworn in as Malawi’s First Female President in April 2012 following the death of  Mutharika. She was V.P. so constitutionally  was  successor to President . Joyce was unpopular with the ruling party after her fall out with Mutharika so naturally they favoured another person to take over. The international community was not going to look kindly to any act that would violate the constitution so they  let the law take its course.

    Malawi unlike other countries in  Southern Africa does not have gold or diamonds which would have made it more attractive to investors so it is often sidelined in favor of more mineral rich countries by investors. Africa as a whole is being eyed by India, China and more recently by the West and Malawi has a glimmer of hope to help its citizens lift themselves out of poverty. As African countries compete for investors to alleviate poverty Joyce Banda was given an ultimatum by Western donors, “Remove ban on homosexuality or no foreign aid“. There is a movement in the West to classify homosexuality as a human right. This law has been on the books since colonialism of Malawi by the British when it was known as Nyasaland.

    We surveyed several Africans around the world for their reaction to the announcement by Banda:

    “It is becoming a growing concern why sexual orientation is  an everyday conversation in the public square. Heterosexuals who go to work and talk of their sexual conquests are thumped with the sexual harassment but when they are homosexual they are celebrated. Why should one’s sexual habits be the subject at a place of work? We go to work to further the goals of the company and turn a profit for shareholders so that we can support our families not to hear about sex.”
    Stembile Njagu, Cape Town South Africa

    “The amplification of Homosexuality is just American Ideas to Destroy Africa and obliterates the race from multiplying. Malawians must reject foreign morality that is being imposed on them by this Jezebel Banda.”
    Pastor Musindo Harare Zimbabwe
    “As a young Christian woman I am shocked by the decision that Banda has made for the sake of money. Truly the love of money is the root of all evil.”
    Concerned Christian Patricia, Blantyre Malawi

    “The fact of the matter is that Malawi does not need donors’ money if it means that she has to sell her soul to the devil. We can survive with God on our side we do not need laws that will be detrimental to our society. The majority of Malawians do not want this law but the donors are using it to spread the American propaganda. Robert Mugabe is right on this issue. Homosexuality is not an issue in Africa but the Western donors want to make it an issue to further their agenda. In their own Western own countries it is illegal but they want to legalize it in Africa. Our land is sovereignty and our moral issues ought not to be dictated by foreign powers.”
    Spencer Banda, London England
    “Every Malawian who rejoiced at the death of Bingu waMathurika is having second thoughts now as Banda announces her support for gay rights something that is clearly against the wishes of the majority of Malawians. This is the problem with unseasoned people who rule with their emotions. Banda should stand up to Britain and resist colonialism? Who is running Malawi? Is it the donors or is it Banda? Is this neo-colonialism by a different term in the name of donor aid? Since when does the bank discuss moral issues with the borrower? What gives her to right to impose her ideas on the rest of Malawi? She must take the matter to the courts and like we saw throughout the United States the measure will be rejected by voters and Banda will leave with her tail between her legs.”
    Sharon K, African

    “Banda you have not noticed there is a new super power in the East called China that can give you money that is needed for your economy without any strings attached. They also give loans in the name of aid with no preconditions and you can help your country.”
    Concerned Malawian, Malawi

    “I wonder what her spiritual advisor TB Joshua had to say about this.”
    Greta, USA

    “The decision was difficult for Banda because she is between a rock and a hard place and as a woman she is under even more scrutiny to perform. Banda on the other hand has proven that she is malleable and falls to international pressure. There is no way that Malawians will vote for her in 2014 in the coming elections so she will have to rely on her ‘friends’ in the international community to prop up her image by giving her a Nobel Peace Prize.”
    Mary H. Lilongwe, Malawi


    “As a black person I am pained when I see how countries such as Namibia, South Africa, fought for independence for 30+ years before we were granted our freedom and independence from colonialism. Millions of black African lives were lost in the bloody wars for independence and there was DEAD SILENCE from Britain and America and the entire western community. The Secretary General of the UN looked aside and nobody came to our rescue except Russia and China. Today two people are arrested for homosexuality in Lilongwe and sentenced to 14 years and there is outburst from the international community what hypocrisy!”
    Gladys Olaleye, Ghana, Africa


    1. We find very few things that we as Africans liked about colonialism and this was one of them

    2. Gladys you are so right there is much to do with all this big move to bring the issue to the forefront. this is an anericam issue where they are always talking about it there is no issue here in Malawi , i incident is not an issue.
      Lilongwe, Lilongwe

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