Is Mutoko paid to by West to break up strong African Families?


KISS OR Mutoko who is the voice of Kenya?
Caroline Mutoko is the much celebrated Kenyan talk show host who is apparently the symbol of the successful post-colonial Kenyan woman. She is being promoted on CNN as an African Voice to the new generation of Kenyans and in my opinion what is wrong with the western world in general which they are now exporting to Africa to destroy the next generation with their mixed values. Mutoko works for KISS radio station owned by the British company so the British continue to spread their propaganda through Caroline. If Kenya were the United States the land of freedom of speech and expression then KISS 100 would not be in business, so when it comes to Africa it is do as we say and not as we do? The United States does not allow a foreign company to have total ownership of a media entity in order to curtail the influence of foreign values on the locals.
What Africa needs are strong families and not strong mothers
When I grew up in Africa the voice of the parent was stronger than the voice of some radio personality. I lived in the States and over there the children have more reverence for what some pop-star thinks than their parents. It is reported that Mutoko gives advice on teenage issues something which is really parent’s job rather than some radio personality. The parents who buy into their children receiving advice from some stranger whose values they do not know have adopted the western ideas and if we can predict what will happen it’s only a matter of time till teen pregnancy, disease and unwed mothers are the order of the day in Kenya as well.
There is a global push from the United States to uplift the status of women in developing countries and as a woman I am by no means suggesting that this is not necessary but what happened to strengthening families?
Caroline does not mention the role that fathers play, playing right into the American narrative of who needs a man? Children need fathers and nations need fathers, you do not have to believe me just take a look at Europe and America and you will single what strong women with no husbands do to the fabric of society. This is especially true in Black America where 60% of the children are born to single parent home and the results are devastating.
Africa needs not just strong women we have plenty of those but we need string families. We cannot adopt the materialistic attitudes of the Americans that measure success just in terms of money and status we must measure success in terms of the lives that are impacted for the positive and how many sane children we raise in our homes and nations.


  1. the white man destroyed the black family unit in black America by empowering women and disenfranchising the black man. now he has set hi sights on Africa with the aid of single parents like Mutoko. how come the white man keeps and supports his strong family unit.

    Black and Proud

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