Michelle Obama Selling Out Black Race


    Michelle Obama ought to be ashamed of herself for saying that if she had an opportunity to be someone for a day she would be that lascivious, crude, raucous, half naked, illiterate pop hoodlum Beyonce. Beyonce championed everything that is wrong with blacks in America today.

     Black America is the poorest demographic in America and is overrun by single parent households, crime, poverty and HIV and she has the unmitigated audacity to name Beyonce as a role model.In Black circles we are taught not to openly criticize the elders and especially in Africa because that’s just a cultural norm but the buck has to stop somewhere and today it stops here.

    Obama is a Princeton and Harvard educated attorney and instead of encouraging young people that school is cool she offers that old washed up stereotype of blacks just being good for sports and indecent music. Here she has a platform to promote abstinence, virtue, education and self control instead she advances this stripper in the name of  artist who encourages immorality and lascivious behavior which is leading to more teenage pregnancies and abortions and criminal activity and high levels of incarceration and all kinds of deviant behavior.

    If these are her family values then she certainly should not be welcome in Africa. It is the music by hoodlums like Beyonce that is leading to the degradation of black America which they want to export to Africa. If this is what Michelle terms as success then we certainly feel sorry for Sasha and Malia. In the past when white media portrayed blacks as Beyonce does the entire black community would be up in arms stating this as a negative portrayal of blacks but here she is as the first black first lady what a shame that a 50 year old woman would aspire to such low levels.

    She is betraying the black race at the price of trying to get Hollywood money she is selling the souls of young people, how shameful. Her statement is an international disgrace; we certainly do not expect this kind of behavior from the wife of the leader of the free world perhaps Michelle Obama needs to go to finishing school to learn decorum. She has certainly sunk to the levels Grace Mugabe, Bongi Ngema-Zuma.

    Growing up in Africa our role models were Professors, Preachers, Scientists, Teachers and certainly not entertainers and sexual deviants like Beyonce. African parents do not accept this nonsense that Michelle Obama is trying to sell to you that Beyonce is a role model. Certainly not in Africa Beyonce and Michelle Obama and their lewdness are not welcome in Africa!

    Kundayi moyo & Ashley Williamson

    *We do not usually focus on American politics however today we have a turn to address an issue so that the children do not aspire to this foolishness being espoused by US First Lady Michelle Obama. In Africa we idolize America so it’s important to set the record straight for our young African minds.*


    1. Michelle Obama needs her head examined. This is the problem with black americans they have no morals whatsover. i will never marry a black american.


      • No you need re-education. Michelle Obama does not represent the whole african american community. Don’t have a single story mindset.

    2. As a black woman i had found myself having to constantly defend the Obamas and its really getting out of hand. I work in an all white office and i can tell that they want to critique Michelle so they ask a lot of questions and today i just ran out of excuses and admitted that she is a nut-job. One of them told me that if Michelle Obama was the only educated black women they knew ( and they did not know me) then they would have a distorted picture of the modern educated black woman. Her words are becoming a constant embarrassment to many black women like myself.

    3. we are wondering can anyone Michelle Obama to shut up!!! about Beyonce umemployment at 9% and all she can think of is Beyonce.


    4. There is no need for name calling we may disagree with her but we should not disrespect her.

    5. This is their post election strategy no body will employ them so they will have to have a reality show so they are proving to Hollywood that they can bring in the ratings.Classic black on black crime.

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