Euvin Naidoo Speaker @ World Economic Forum on Africa 2012


    Euvin Naidoo is a South African Investment banker and the chair of the South African Chamber of Commerce in America and a strong advocate for foreign investment in Africa. He was born in  South Africa  and lives in Boston, Massachusetts. Some of the highlights of his speech at Ted Conference in Arusha Tanzania in 2007 are listed below:

    Naidoo starts with his personal story of world leaders going to Africa to seek for answers e.g. the expedition by Alexander “the great”
    Winds of change that are blowing upon Africa
    Inflation decreased from double digit to single digit

    ·       Zambia 18-9%
    ·       Egypt 16-8.4%
    ·       Nigeria 16- 8%
    ·       South Africa single digit
    ·       Mauritius single digit
    ·       Namibia single digit

    South Africa

    ·       In top 1000 offshore call center destination  for UK companies.


    ·       Goldman Sachs publication the Next 11 cites Nigeria as top ten economies in the world
    ·       Nigeria biggest supplier of oil to United States

    CNBC the American Business Channel has established its Africa First Channel expecting investment to come to Africa