World Bank Eyes’ Africa


The World Bank Chief Economist Justin Lin spoke to CNN about potential of Africa as a continent when it comes to becoming an economic powerhouse. At first we must all understand that this is not referring to the whole continental mass but some areas that have positioned or are positioning themselves to became those manufacturing hubs on a macro- level however we are more concerned on what happens on a micro level.

Mr. Lin the Chief Economist at the World Bank cites Africa’s competitive advantage as

  • skilled labor
  • natural resources
  • desire to compete on the global stage

Was cited as an example of a country that makes leather and could manufacture shoes, has budding labor force , their challenge it to create technology and access overseas markets. I am not an economist but i know that to improve the standard of living in any African country, Africans have to purchase what they are producing so what are African countries doing to promote this?

Manufacturing in Africa without empowerment of indigenous power is just twenty first century colonialism and will be rejected by the masses and lead to social unrest.

We want to know how African people and governments are preparing themselves for this next move in the world of manufacturing.