Why are the Portuguese Returning to Mozambique?


A recent article on CNN.com highlighted the fact that the Portuguese are returning to Mozambique and Angola because of the worsening economic crisis in Europe. I know most African countries preached reconciliation and forgiveness after Independence from their colonial powers but I think this needs to be highlighted.

When Mozambique received its independence in 1975 from the Portuguese it was supposed to be a joyous time but it was not entirely. The people were happy to obtain political freedom but the Portuguese of course were not so happy because they were losing some of their power. The Portuguese who were living in Mozambique decided to destroy all the infrastructure they has built as a form of retaliation towards the Africans seeking independence.

The economy in Mozambique is expected to grow by about 7% a much better prospect for the Portuguese. While Africans welcome globalization and it impact on the labor force we are also cautiously optimistic about the return of the same people who sought to destroy Mozambique only a few years ago.

When the Portuguese left in 1975 they destroyed the plumbing and sewage system by pouring cement down pipes and removing doors and hinges from buildings, all in a bid to cripple the African people. I am not surprised that they are back and I think we need to monitor their intentions carefully. Destruction of this infrastructure has cost Mozambique a great deal over the years. Yet we also revel in the irony of the situation. The Portuguese are now back to the country they sought to destroy because theirs is in ruins. Huh!

Courtesy of CNN.com & Lillian Mhosva 2012


  1. My my my this is certainly a chain in events that they never saw coming. If only they had not destroyed the infrastructure and would be coming back to a more developed Mocambique. IT is good that the Mocamibicans are welcoming them with open arms. A sign of true reconciliation that has eluded both the colonisers and the colonised in Africa for decades.

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