It’s Economic Inequality Mr. Zuma!


IT’S ECONOMIC INEQUALITY STUPID!!! Several years ago the Clinton campaign used the catch phrase, “It’s the economy stupid” which sealed his victory against George Bush. I believe we can use this same statement on President Zuma. As the government increases its intensity to squash the miners from striking I believe he is losing sight of the real picture.

The reason why the strike will not end just with these miners is because there is an underlying issue of economic inequality in Africa’s biggest economy. The miners represent countless black South Africans who are economically disenfranchised. President Zuma has decided to go after the miners in an attempt to silence them but still has not realized that the more he tries the more their situation bears witness to the bigger problems in South Africa. In particular, it is interesting that everything the Zuma administration has done has been aimed at the miners to vilify their right to protest. Yet not even the killing of their fellow miners was enough to stop them. We commend their courage to fight in the midst of adversity from a so called black government that uses apartheid era laws to squash the right to protest.

The bigger picture Mr. President is that there is economic inequality in South Africa. Black miners are forced to plead their case with white managers on their knees literally. There is something wrong with that picture. The mines that the white management boasts are in South Africa, the land which originally belongs to black people. A brief history of South Africa would show anyone that there are no white people indigenous to South Africa. Therefore the mines which they claim to own don’t even belong to them anyway. The minerals belong to black South Africans so I wonder why they have to beg just for a decent living wage. While President Zuma spends his time vilifying Malema, he still doesn’t realize that the volcano brewing in South Africa cannot be stopped by emasculating Malema. It’s bigger than one person. Zuma has chosen to sell his legacy of fighting for the people for the cheap accolades of the West.
As long as the ANC continues to fight to maintain the status quo using apartheid era laws then they forsake their glory rooted in fighting for the people who elected them. They will eventually follow down the same road as ZANU-PF and people will remember them only for the bad they have done.

Article by Samantha Dhlamini 2012


  1. Dlaminin you hit the nail on the head and ofcourse we who are in South Africa can already tell that the winds of change are blowing Zuma out and a new ANC leader in. There is no way that Zuma will be heading ANC come December. Zuma is now a sinking ship.

  2. Where on planet earth have you been Dexter? Zuma has been a lost cause even before he ascended to the presidency. Shame on us for voting him in there. We really did not have a choice because Mbeki had to go. We need democracy now in South Africa. this is what we fought for….a better life in a better South Africa where workers are free to contest their working conditions and better their lives for the good of south Africa.

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