The Best of Zimbabwean Comedy: Mukadota, Gringo & Paraffin


MUKADOTA- Safirio Madzikatire, one of Zimbabwe’s most famous actor, musician and comedian was the star of the hit series, Mukadota which aired on ZBC-TV in the 80s. In this famous comedy he acted alongside Susan Chenjerai (Mai Rwizi) and dancer-cum-actor Elizabeth Taderera affectionately known as Katarina.

Lazarus Boora, also known as “Gringo” is a popular comedian from the 90s in Zimbabwe. He was born October 18, 1973 in a village in Nyazura. In 1997, Enock Chihomori wrote a television script with ‘Gringo’ as the lead character. The following year, Lazarus Boora was cast as Gringo in the first adaptation a cartoon character to a television comedy drama series. He became an instant hit with Zimbabwean television viewers.


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