South Africa 19 Years On……….


riot-640x360Congratulations to South Africa for celebrating 19 years of freedom for the black majority. Thank you to the brave men and women who fought against apartheid and social injustices that came with colonialism.

South Africa’s next hurdle is economic liberty. It would be great to mark the day of economic independence in South Africa with as much exuberance as we celebrate political independence.

The struggle for economic independence continues………


How can South Africa continue to thrive in the midst of negative press through movies such as Tsotsi and Skeem which not surprisingly receive critical acclaim in the West when they portray young black South African men as poor thugs, gangsters, thieves and dangerous criminals that society ought to fear. How many movies are being made about young professional black men in South Africa making a difference ever get recognition on the world stage. Media is powerful and South Africa’s future partly depends on the success of not just young women but young black men as well.




South Africa /Police Soweto 1986.






  1. Where do these people live my goodness, it is not a sense of entitlement to expect the government to build roads and provide electricity, hello???? what is the government taking taxes for if i may ask?

  2. Xenophobia exists partly due to the perceived and real lack of opportunities that exist for ordinary South Africans. A lot of African countries helped South Africans but today they support xenophobia philosophies perpetuated by the ignorant through their silence. It is imperative that South African history books discuss the role played by other African people towards their emancipation. IF it was not for the the so called ‘makwere’ a derogatory term used to describe foreigners in South Africa.

  3. @African Thinker – Our African neighbors played a very low key role in the liberation struggle.
    In truth, the USA and European countries contributed far more in terms of sanctions and finance to the downfall of Apartheid.

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