Mawas- Breaking The Immigrant Glass Ceiling in Media


mawasMoses and Patricia Mawa are breaking the immigrant glass ceiling while writing living history in the 21st century. Their influence extends beyond the borders of Canada where they live to Europe and many parts of Africa. A remarkable feat for first generation immigrants who came to Canada with less than a hundred dollars and a dream. They wanted to better their lives plus make a difference that goes beyond their families to include changing the culture of Africans in not just Canada but the African diaspora in general. The Mawas  and their team are giving us a glimpse of life in Canada and throughout Africa from an African immigrant perspective, a priceless contribution to understanding our times and the social structures of immigrant living that allows for faster and easier assimilation into the new society which enables immigrants to make a difference in their new home countries.

It’s not everyday that one hears about immigrants living the dream in the Western world, so its refreshing to hear about  the Patricia & Moses Mawa are living the dream. Patricia is Nigerian born while Moses is of Sudanese-Ugandan descent, are married and have two children while building a powerful media empire together which consists of a television show and 3 magazines- Planet Africa, Destiny. Two weeks ago the list of African billionaires was released and it seems as more people in Africa are chartering their own destinies more than ever before. It’s not that life in the African diaspora is not fine it’s just average. There are very few African immigrants who have succeeded to the echelons of power in the corporate world talk less of owning a successful business and employing more than 10 people as the Mawas do.

The Mawas have a mentoring program named Crossover which focuses on youth empowerment. The Crossover mentorship program is a 14 week course to equip youth to succeed by teaching them life skills and talks from people who are achieving or have achieved in business or those who are making a difference in society.

Patricia is the host of a talk show Planet Africa TV. The Planet Africa Television program airs across Canada three times a week on OMNI Television. It is also broadcast on BEN Television in Europe, and MBI Network in Africa.


  1. a true team and perfect union. it is a good to see cooperation among African with the same vision. truly inspirational.

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