Tsitsi Masiyiwa: Taking Care of Africa’s Orphans


One of Zimbabwe’s richest men, Strive Masiyiwa founded what became the largest and most profitable mobile phone network in Zimbabwe but not without a fight. He challenged the Zimbabwe governments monopoly in the telecommunications industry which had prevented him from setting up his business. Once Econet Wireless was established in Zimbabwe it became the largest network and a favorite for most mobile phone users. Econet Wireless currently has 10 million subscribers spread across Zimbabwe, Botswana, Burundi and Lesotho. Now his wife who stood with him, Tsitsi Masiyiwa is fighting a new battle; taking care of Africa’s orphans.

Tsitsi runs several charities including the Capernaum Trust which pays school fees of over 40,000 students in primary, high school and beyond. Close to 3,000 of those students are in Universities including in the United States, South Africa and Australia. Recently they established the Ambassador Andre Young Scholarship, with a $6.4 million trust to send at least 40 African undergraduates to Morehouse College over a four-year period. Recipients of their philanthropy come from countries where Econet Wireless is doing business.


Strive and Tsitsi Masiyiwa have three other charities that also fall under the umbrella of the Higher Life Foundation. These include the Christian Community Partnership Trust (CCPF), a charity that provides financial support for church and church organizations working in the least evangelized areas of rural Zimbabwe; the National Healthcare Trust Of Zimbabwe which provides financial support for medical drugs, human resources, transport in the event of a health crisis and the Joshua Nkomo Scholarship Fund which also awards scholarships to exceptionally intelligent Zimbabwean children. Together with other successful Africans she has helped form the the African Philanthropy Forum (APF).




  1. This video has brought me to tears, may God continue to bless Tsitsi & Strive Masiyiwa and Econet family. No wonder the devil fought you so much in the beginning but thanks be to God who causes you to triumph over all your enemies. We will continue to pray for your business to flourish.

  2. Thank you for letting us know of Africans making a difference in the lives of other African orphans.

  3. very inspirational, more Africans should lend a hand to each other for the betterment of the continent. Orphans are too often neglected and abandoned in our cultures and left without hope so it is always nice to have a helping hand which is not a hand out but a hand up. Many people who say that they want to help orphans usually have the attitude of turning them into charity cases which has the opposite effect of what is intended.

  4. Where there is effort there will actually be results. Long live The Econet Family.

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