The Emerging Majority


Bill deBlasio became America’s Mayor when he won 79% of the vote in the New York Mayoral race. His family is evidence of a new America reflecting the now open acceptance of interracial relationships and their celebration of the union and the children.

The effect has been more tolerance and understanding among the races. Though bi-racial people have existed in America since the founding of the nation,they have always been considered as black. In America what existed was the one drop rule which states that anyone it a drop of non white blood is considered black.  It is a proven fact that Thomas Jefferson the 3rd US President is known as the founding father of the African American community.

it is widely believed that the litmus test for whether a person is racist or not is whether they will allow their child to marry outside the race, particularly their sons.   Senator & former Republican candidate John McCain’s son Jack McCain who married Renee Swift a black woman in a lavish wedding in California. Our guess is that Jack and Rene both graduates of the prestigious US military academy West Point will seek higher office  Renee McCain may be the US Second African American First Lady. We all remember how in the 2000 Presidential campaign McCain was leading in Republican primary when a rumor spread across South Carolina that John McCain had a black daughter, this rumor had the intended effect of   him losing the state to the then Texas governor  Bush.

Jack and Renee McCainCourtesy of John McCain’s Facebook Page


Lindsay Boehner & Dominic Lakhan

Source: Dailymail UK

The Speaker of the US House of Representatives in the 112th Congress Republican John Boehner  known as Obama’s nemesis. Boehner’s eldest daughter Lindsay married Dominc Lakhan who is Jamaican born.  Boehner is well-known for his tanned complexion which he claims he was born with. Some say it was a foreshadowing because he knew in the future he would have a grandchild with a tan.

Kieran James Romney

Courtesy of Romney Twitter


Mitt Romney the former Republican Presidential candidate is a grandfather to adopted grandson Kieran( which means dark one) James Romneythis is significant because their foundational beliefs  as Mormons used to believe that black people are the children of Cain and cursed beyond redemption. This policy  in the last 30 years. Undoubtedly this adoption will alter their perceptions and hopefully make them more empathetic to the experiences of those who are black in America.

Susan Rice & Cameron

Source: White House State Dinner

Dr. Susan Rice Cameron is the National Security Advisor to US President Obama and is often seen as the tough talking, no-nonsense top diplomat, she is also a mother and married to  Ian Cameron. She met her husband at Stanford University.

Barack & Ann Obama

In 1961, the year that United States President Barack Obama was born interracial marriage was illegal in 24 states. Since the US Supreme Court declared that it was unconstitutional to deny interracial couples the right to marry interracial marriages have increased in US from 2000 to 2013 by 12%.

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  1. It has taken centuries to get black race acknowledged & granted rights yet gays & transgenders have gotten rights in less than 10 for thought.

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