Obamas’ Soft Power in China


Obama soft powerIt was Spring break in the United States and Michelle Obama the US First lady took her children to China. The US First lady has not traveled extensively compared to her predecessors. Mrs Bush who at the same time in her husband’s presidency had traveled  almost doubled the number of  times  than Mrs Obama.

The First lady’s travels are sure to rouse interest in China by American youth which of course is the point. Most of the scientists being educated in America are Chinese and returning to rebuild the Chinese industry. Michelle is Barack’s eyes and ears and has the ability to travel where he cannot, that way they can be in two places at once and she can give him her true assessment.

obam gal 3Obama who has dubbed herself as Mom in Chief certainly takes mothering seriously and is said to build her schedule around those of her children much to the displeasure of some feminists who would have preferred her to be more Hillary and less Laura. The truth is Michelle will be Michelle.

Obama girls bonding in China

Obama certainly has nothing to prove on the career platform, she was a successful lawyer at Chicago’s top firm before she met her husband. She had already matriculated at the top universities in the world so the field that was left to conquer was that of family. Many black women in America look to her in awe because having the choice to be a stay at home Mother in black America is novelty. It is not that African American women would not like to stay at home with their children but the choice is almost always made for them.

For starters it is easier for a Euro-American male with a prison record to get a job than a black man with a college degree. It is sobering that in the so called land of opportunities some are systematically cut off while others are given multiple chance just because of their skin color. Secondly African American women are paid 70 cents for every dollar that a Euro-American male makes for doing the same job. This is the environment where unfortunately because African American couples make less they have to both work to provide for their families.

We all remember when we were first introduced to Malia and Sasha in 2004 at the Democratic National Convention when their dad gave what may very well have been his best speech ever. At the time the girls were 3 and 7.

senate ogals

Traveling with the first family was their grandmother Marian Robinson who helps Barack and Michelle raise the two girls since they are very busy running the world. Marian Robinson is a remarkable woman who lives in the shadows yet fulfills an important role in the White House. Mrs.  Robinson and her husband the late Fraser Robinson raised two children on the South-side of Chicago who rose from their humble beginnings on the impoverished side of Chicago to the most famous address. She has a lot to teach parents about how to raise children to excel. Michelle’s brother Craig is an investment banker turned basketball coach and also has an Ivy League background. It is only natural that the Obamas would solicit her help to raise their girls.

We also have this adorable picture which is not dated.obama young Here they are during their dad’s first inauguration.

first inaug ogalsThe Obama girls are being given to explore the world beyond their classroom something which is essential in the 21st century. It will enable them to be better citizens of the world; after all it is only a matter of time until they both take on their parents legacy take their place in American and world politics.


  1. Its a good thing they didn’t bring their best friends Bo & Sunny or they would be dinner at some restaurant in Shanghai. In America dogs are family members in China they are a delicacy, talk about culture clash.Michelle painted China red in that stunning red dress. She looked absolutely amazing.

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