Christians abducted European Union Praises Mugabe


police brutality

Reports coming out of Zimbabwe are that the Mugabe regime is back in the business of abductions and opposition party intimidation. In times past the party subjected to these brutal tactics was the Movement for Democratic Change which has grown more media savvy and able to sound the alarm so they are less of a target and the regime has shifted its hatchet to the Christians. This time the party that is feeling the brutal force of the regime is the Christian based Transform Zimbabwe political party which was formed in late 2013. Two weeks ago the Party’s President Jacob Ngarivhume was abducted  from his hotel room by the Central Intelligence Organization.

Other abductions and reports of terror against other Transform party members have been documented. These anti-democratic practices are prevalent in Zimbabwe and Christians are finding themselves at the brunt of the Mugabe regime’s paranoia and hatred towards anyone challenging their supremacy even when the people are God fearing citizens who want a return to peace and an environment that allows them to practice their religious freedom.

Respected clergymen Bishop Nerwande of Holy Cross Church in Mangongondoza Township, and Associate pastors Mr. and Mrs. Makawamadze were interrogated for hours by the Zimbabwe brutal police. These God fearing members were coming from prayer for peace and prosperity for their country which is ravaged by corruption, government sponsored terror, poverty and lack of access to health care, water and other staples which Zimbabweans had been once accustomed to at the onset of independence from colonial rule.

In 2009 The United Nations rebuked Robert Mugabe for his support of police brutality. Mugabe in his own words stated

Some people are now crying foul that they were assaulted, yes you get a beating. You invite the police to use force.”

These events are eye opening and come in the backdrop of the European Union ambassador to Zimbabwe shaming citizens for reporting that conditions in Zimbabwe have not changed since the European Union removed economic sanctions on Mugabe regime under the guise of good governance.

The European Union is eyeing Zimbabwe’s lucrative diamond deals and EU Ambassador Dell’Ariccia applauded Mugabe for his leadership of Zimbabwe blasted NGOs as Anti- government Organization because they are holding the Mugabe regime accountable for its abuses of the innocent namely the Christians. Dell’Ariccia was silent about the abductions of the Christians and for the terrorizing of innocent Christians coming from a prayer meeting.

The question is in a democracy do people not have a right to assemble peacefully and to pray? Christians are being persecuted by the Mugabe regime and there is silence from the West.If these abductions had happened to the someone with a different sexual orientation their plight would be broadcast and condemned worldwide a Zimbabwean Christian  commented but declined to be named. Christians in Zimbabwe are consequently living in fear under the threat of abductions for attending prayer meeting.

Aricccia shamelessly defended Mugabe as a hired hand who has fallen under the Mugabe spell despite the writing on the wall that Mugabe is a leopard that  has no desire to change its spots.