Ponder This: Africa v. The Western Saviors


The People of Africa v. Their Western Saviors

In American media and pop culture, Africans remain objects of our pity or moral outrage or fascination. The images are deeply disturbing, even enthralling, but they aren’t really about Africans; they’re about us. FRAMED takes a provocative look at image making and activism, following an inspiring young Kenyan photojournalist turned activist who shatters the stereotype of the passive aid recipient. As he challenges American students to focus their efforts close to home, FRAMED turns a lens on popular representations of Africa and Africans, as seen through the eyes of Kenyan writer Binyavanga Wainaina and South African born educator Zine Magubane, who ask a chorus of questions about the selling of suffering. Read more

Who Aids Whom? Exposing the True Story of Africa’s $192 Billion Losses

“It says something about this country. It says something about our standing in the world and our sense of duty in helping others… in short – it says something about the kind of people we are… And that makes me proud to be British.” – UK Prime Minister David Cameron


  1. The makers of tge video are disingenuous. We would not have western narrative if Africa could solve its own problems. Look @ Ethiopia in the 1980s. When people starved to death due to hunger if it hadn’t been for westerners millions would have died. Just because you can provide for yourself does not mean everyone can.

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