America & Its Police Problem


The United States of America has a police problem.

Driving Without a Seatbelt: Levar Jones

Levar Jones was stopped outside Columbia, SC for driving without a seatbelt but it nearly cost him his life because trigger happy decorated South Carolina Highway Patrol trooper, Sean Groubert immediately started shooting after he reached for his wallet to retrieve the drivers license he was asked for. Luckily unarmed Levar Jones survived the incident. Groubert, has since been fired for the incident and has been charged with aggravated assault and battery, a felony that could get him up to 20 years in prison if convicted according to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division. However, most police officers involved in incidents like these never get convicted.

Playing with an Air Rifle: John Crawford III

A grand jury in Greene County, Ohio refused to indict police officers who shot dead John Crawford III inside a Wal-Mart in Beavercreek, OH on August 5, 2014. A 911 caller reported Crawford was waving a rifle (it was an air rifle) in the store. Police claim that he was killed for failing to obey commands to put down his gun. Surveillance shows that 22-year-old John Crawford III  had picked up the unboxed  gun from a shelf in Wal-Mart. Ronald Ritchie who calls 911 to report the incident, lies that Mr. Crawford is loading the rifle. The recently released video shows that police fired at Mr. Crawford even after he had thrown the air rifle on the ground.

Taking the Wrong Exit: Kametra Barbour

Police Officers say they were searching for a beige or tan Toyota with four black males waving their guns outside the window. However, the police officers pulled over a woman with four children driving a maroon Nissan Maxima.


  1. This is a problem that goes beyond the few instances mentioned here. However, black people also do not participate in the political process that ensures who hires and fires police officers. They need to get more involved in social justice causes.

  2. Donald Trump business man who filed bankruptcy 4xmes described Black Lives Matter as ‘looking for trouble’. These are the same phrases used in the 1969s to describe civil rights activists such as Martin Luther King. Trump was signaling to racists that its open season on black people. In the 1900s-1960s people who were targeted for lynching were described as looking for trouble.Shane on any black person supporting Trump’s candidacy.

  3. What is pathetic is seeing an intelligent black neurologist ben carson sell his soul to become a mouthpiece for white supremacy. Discounting black lives for 30 pieces of silver.Intelligent but zero comon sense.

  4. American Negro is betrayed by ‘Enlightened Negro’. They perpetuate the stereotype that black man is lazy and inherently criminal. That is why its so easy to shoot and kill a black person.

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