Another View of Entrepreneurship in Africa



Sangu Delle is an Entrepreneur, Author, Clean Water Activist, Soros Fellow and TEDGlobal Fellow. He is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Golden Palm Investments (GPI); an investment holding and advisory company focused on building world class companies in Africa.  GPI operates companies in high growth industries and funds promising start-ups that can have social impact and generate jobs. GPI has backed startups such as SOLO Mobile in Nigeria, mPharma in Ghana and Stawi Foods in Kenya.  Sangu is the co-founder of cleanacwa, which is a nonprofit working in underdeveloped communities in Ghana to make sure that water and sanitation, basic human rights, are provided

While Sangu offers some much needed insight on entrepreneurship in Africa, he too like Dambisa Moyo want to implement a one size fits all approach to solving Africa’s problems. Just like Dambisa Moyo, Sangu espouses views that promote a 1% culture where only a few own the means of production and everyone else who works for them barely makes ends meet. This is not surprising since he previously worked at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Valiant Capital Partner.


  1. Typical of educated people. Once they get a bit of education they now think they know whats best for everyone. Pure capitalism were only a few own the means of production has proven unsuccessful even in the west. On the other hand, pure socialism is also unsuccessful but perhaps promote a model that incorporates the best of both

  2. O Godwo deliver us from the talented tenth mentality & WE Du Bois would be so proud of this 1% which seeks to establish themselves as ruling class and leaving the masses so they can laud over others. Absolutely pathetic thinking.

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