Gamechanger Akindele Dominating Apple in Nigeria


michael akindeleIn Thomas Friedman’s groundbreaking book the World is Flat he quotes Bill Gates as saying he would rather be a genius in China today than an average guy in Poughkeepsie NY, USA. If the same question was to be asked of Gates today he would say I would rather be a genius in Nigeria than an average guy in America.

Michael Akindele is a 30 year-old Nigerian who is director and co-founder of SOLO Phone. The technology that he discusses will challenge your view of technology in Nigeria. Solo’s unique selling proposition is unlimited digital content for the life of the device. This technology runs on Android devices.They stream and download local content which enables Nigerians not just to be consumers of international content but local content such as Nollywood movies as well which helps grow the local market.

SOLO is an experience-driven digital content and smartphone company focused on delivering the best content and services on the mobile platform to African consumers. SOLO was formed in 2012 by a group of highly experienced telecommunication professionals, led by Tayo Ogundipe, a Nigerian-born, former senior global executive with HTC and Sony Ericsson. The SOLO management team brings an unusual blend of global sector expertise and deep knowledge of African markets that enable the team to conceive and implement a market-leading, mobile consumer proposition uniquely suited to African markets. Learn more at

Solo’s strategy penetration of the market which will allow it to provide an affordable phone to the local people and increase market share by obtaining customers who have never had mobile phones before. Mobile is one of the hottest markets on the African continent from entertainment to banking to every facet of life. They have deals with Sony, Universal and Warner as well as top Nigerian music companies to sell their content on the Solo platform. They are moving to partnership that will enable them to distribute games as well.


  1. I have shared this site with my mentees so that they can benefit from the knowledge shared. Continue to publish positive inspiring stories like this. I just remember what you wrote a few years ago- Africa belongs to the entrepreneur

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