Serena Williams Best Tennis Player Ever


Serena Williams first made history when she won her first Grand Slam at Age 17. There was much jubilation in the world for anyone who loves the quintessential American story of winning against the odds. Yet even at height of her career after winning the her 20th Grand Slam at the French Open Serena remains one of the most under-celebrated sports women of all time. No other American has dominated tennis the way that Serena has and if America were a meritocracy then Serena would have been America’s Sweetheart. Serena is the Queen of the Court and has dominated  a middle class sport where the blonde haired and blue-eyed have traditionally ruled.

Serena is a champion and she aims to dominate and has dominated the tennis court in a way that makes some uncomfortable. Serena is unapologetic about her drive to win. Her life story is  inspirational to many who have observed her ascension to tennis greatness from the most unlikely part of the world. Serena was born in Michigan and then her family moved to Compton California where greatness is not usually associated with. Serena began playing tennis when she was under 5 years old and according to Gladwellian theory of success put in her 10,000 hours by the time she reached 17 and won her first Grand Slam Title at the American Open.

Serena’s father’s role  in the life of his daughters cannot be underscored. He had a dream that one day his daughters Venus & Serena would be world champions ruling the tennis world. It seemed an improbable dream given their background but this dream has seen come to pass many times over which goes to show that parents who set big goals for their children give their children purpose which is essential for greatness. As a father he home schooled his children and found them resources that would give them the training that they needed which even included moving the family to Florida to attend a renowned tennis academy.

List of Serena’s Achievements:

  1. 6 American Open Championships
  2. 6 Australian Open Championships
  3. 5 Wimbledon Championships
  4. 3 French Open Championships

No other American has dominated tennis the way Serena does and yet for all her achievements she has less endorsements and makes less money than the Russian Maria Sharapova who has won 5 Grand Slams compared to Serena’s 20.

For all their abhorrence towards Russians ; Russians hacking American government entities the American corporations would rather spend their money on a Russian than their own.

Serena aims not just to win but to subdue. Her winning streak is a testament to her tenacity and determination. Even though Serena was battling sickness during the French Open  she summed up all her strength to achieve what she had  been practicing for. Serena has mental toughness that gets her to win  against all odds.


  1. A role model to all who aspire for greatness. It doesn’t matter where you are born but it matters what you make of your circumstances. If you can dream it Serena has shown that you can achieve it.

  2. The passion with which she plays the sport is remarkable. Serena Williams has game. So proud of all her accomplishments.

  3. Serena will go down as one of the greatest tennis ever and she is in fact the american female tennis player, however it is premature to crown her the GOAT when Steffi Graf has 22 grand slams to Serena’s 20 and also considering Roger Federer’s dominance. I consider Federer as the GOAT, then Sampras, Steffi Graf and Serena at 4th.

  4. Serena is the GOAT! Her serve is like no other player. With the same toss she’s able to place the ball anywhere in the service box. Her serve is the best out there, she’s able to win free points easily by acing her opponents. When receiving she gets her racquet back early and pounces on the return with so much power it gets tough for opponents to return! I believe because of her dark skin she’s managed to manuver around it so well that everything she does when it comes to her game, she does it with so much passion and determination. Unlike Federer, Sampras and Steffi.,.shes managed to change the whole game of tennis against all odds! I think America will realize what they had when the national anthem isn’t played anymore during the Slams!

  5. They may give her the endorsements but she’s still has 20 grand slam titles. It is what it is.

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