The Endorsement of Donald Trump by Black Clergy


Darrell Scott, the Pastor of New Spirit Revival Center has endorsed Donald Trump for President. He made his campaign debut by revealing that Trump had sought wisdom and counsel from him and thus he was now endorsing him for President. Thereafter, Darrell Scott then mentioned that the US government has a system of checks and balances through its legislative, judiciary and executive branches. However, he ignorantly comments on Mr. Trump’s legislative, judiciary experience and  praises Trump’s executive prowess. Darrell Scott lacks basic understanding of American civics, Trump has never been a member of the congress so how can he have a legislative record? Trump has no judiciary record because Trump has never worked in the court system and the President only appoints judges but is not a member of the judiciary. The different branches of government maintain their independence and that’s what checks and balances means. What is further troubling is that by his own admission  Darrell Scott is uninformed of Trump’s record. So why is he endorsing him?

Darrell Scott then describes Trump as a heck of an executive’ which is reminiscent of the words uttered by then President GW Bush to describe the disastrous handling of the Hurricane Katrina response by the head of FEMA as millions of law abiding tax paying citizens were abandoned by the Bush administration.

Trump is a hell of a chief executive and I can’t think of a better leader to lead this country”- Darrell Scott

It is disconcerting that a so called black leader in 2015 would utter those words. It begs the question where does Darrell Scott live where the standards are so low that a man who has filed bankruptcy 4 times in his life is a heck of an executive and the best that America has to offer. In Scott’s world a man who has shown several times that he is unable to manage cash flow in the millions can and should be trusted to manage a trillion dollar economy. It does not even occur to him that there are thousands of CEOs who have never used tax loopholes to cover their incompetent decision making.

Darrell Scott places the responsibility of jobs creation on the government. The government has never created jobs; investors create jobs. The government creates policy that encourages investors to set up factories that create jobs. Darryl Scott is a prosperity preacher and yet he is waiting on the government to create jobs instead of empowering his congregants to create their own jobs.

After, Darrell Scott leaves the stage another member of the clergy, George Bloomer takes the podium. George Bloomer states that he wants Trump to preserve Christian rights in America. Have these members not read the American constitution? It’s so embarrassing that there are living up to the stereotype of the ignoramus black person. The United States Constitution states in the First Amendment that

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Translation – Trump cannot protect Christian rights because they are already protected under the first amendment. These phrases and propaganda right wing sound bites work in their black church where congregants are taught never to question their leaders. The typical scripture verse used to subdue church members is “touch not my anointed” erroneously so that they can rule their congregant like a dictator. In the real world and in the real church informed people question everything.

What do these pastors want Christian rights for? They never preach the bible but their silly philosophies and sound bites that they heard on right wing radio. They are fighting for the right to siphon money from their congregants to drive Bentleys and private jets. They never preach against sin and immorality while exhorting Trump as the model Christian who exhibits Christian virtues. Ironically, Trump’s own church in Manhattan denied that he was a member and confirmed that he last attended church during his son’s baptism more than 8 years ago.

They never preach against sin and immorality and the proof is the communities that they say they serve. Their communities are cesspools of disease and lead in every negative statistic. The communities are riddled with high teenage pregnancy, deviant sexual behavior, high STDs and HIV rates. The families in their communities are headed by single parents. 70% of the babies born in their communities are born out of wedlock. They have no track record of success except their claims of advising men seeking public office.

One can only imagine the kind of family values they believe if they will use their religious platforms to endorse a candidate like  Donald Trump. Trump is on his third marriage and according to the Christian Bible that makes him an adulterer since the Bible forbids anyone to remarry after they divorce but that does not matter according to the gospel of Darrell Scott and George Bloomer.

Perhaps it is not surprising after all since Darrell Scott likes to pal around with reality show personalities like Corletta Vaughn of Preachers of Detroit and Noel Jones of Preachers of LA. Donald Trump is in good company since he is also a reality character famous for parading women in their underwear.  These are the family values of the Trump’s shameless black clergy vying for a spot in Trump’s next reality show and generating publicity for their next speaking engagements. For these preachers it’s all about the dollar. After all they often charge $50,000 + for a 4 hour speaking engagements. Black clergy for Trump is not about Christian rights or Christian family values it’s about the money they will generate while on the GOP speaking circuit.


  1. Well said in this thought provoking piece.My pastor always tells us that God has a political party and it is the Republican party but only say abortion is main issue.abortion does not affect me but i have been misled to believe it is the issue that matters.

    • Your pastor has lied to you!…pure manipulation actually. The Most High God has nothing to do with ANY political party because they are of the world system. Please, Get wisdom.

  2. You raise up a good question about these pastors credentials. Any black pastors endorsing Trump clearly have their own ambitions in sight and do not serve the interests of their communities. These pastors have been unsuccessful in turning their communities around & their success is the bentleys in their garages & fat bank accounts.

  3. Very interesting article, these so called “men of God” should invest more time in giving back to black communities case and point the ghettos. Trump has been spewing intorelance and prejudice since the beginning of his campain

  4. Paula White ,David Jeremiah also jumped to endorse Trump.All the people are jumping to endorse Trump just to make money after all he is rich very very rich.Money cometh to them now!laugh out loud.

  5. Actually, the pastors should be asking themselves if Trump will endorse them or let them start blazing at him and let the chips fall.

    • Black clergy have become so accustomed to pimping themselves to the highest bidder it’s so pathwtic. What a bunch of coons.Passing Dr. Carson trying to get to serial adulterer, racist, money lover Trump. No wonder black churches are empty. No one respects these opportunists.

  6. In 2008 the great racist GOP darkened then Senator Obama’s face to make him less appealing to white voters. A practice learned from staunch segregationist and white supremacist jesse helms former senator from north carolina who while running against former mayor of Charlotte Mr Harvey Gantt showed a white man losing a job to an unqualified black person. They think all blacks are what fellowship does any self respecting black person have with the scum GOP?

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