Zimbabwe’s Dr. Murandu Pioneers Wound Treatment


Dr Murandu, is a senior lecturer in adult nursing at the University Of Wolverhampton School Of Health, and has completed groundbreaking research on the use of sugar to treat wounds, bed sores, ulcers and even amputations. Sugar heals the wounds by removing moisture and clearing it and remove bacteria which lives because of moisture present. Dr. Murandu believed so much in his concept that he poured £18,000 of his own money into the research before he received a £25,000 award from the Fondation Le Lous Scientific Research.

Dr. Murandu sought to find a place to conduct clinical trials and was derided by Walsall, New Cross and Sandwell who described his research as ‘rubbish”. Today Dr Murandu is constantly sought out around the world and not just in third world countries but as far as Canada as well. These countries want low cost solutions to patients with wounds. This trailblazing research will save the UK taxpayer billions of dollars.


  1. A powerful testament to the contributions that immigrants have made to the British healthcare system. Saving Britain billions in dollars & adding life to Britons suffering from wound pains for which there is no price tag. It goes to show that Africans can make a difference in science . The naysayers through their small mindedness dismissed Dr.Murandu with no scientific analysis but simply based on prejudice. Well done Dr.Murandu!!

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