10 Ideas That Are Bad For Blacks in America


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1. Money Over Everything
This mentality translates to prostitute yourself to the highest bidder. This is the message of the culture of hip-hop. It rationalizes making decisions devoid of values and standards just as long as there is a paycheck at the end of the month. This explains how thousands of young black men are attracted by the lure of selling drugs. Drugs either leave them incarcerated or dead due to turf wars. This money over everything mentality has given rise to gangster rap and the hip hop lifestyle which promotes the emulation of gangsters who promote black on black crime, illicit sexual behavior in their lyrics leading to highest HIV rates in America and other STIs. Young girls are lured into stripper lifestyle just because it pays the bills. Even Church leaders who are supposed to be the voice of reason and morality will seemingly do anything for a dollar.

2. Giving platforms or audience to people with no record of success
CNN purged its black anchors surprisingly Don Lemon kept his job despite his questionable journalist skills; resorting to antics to get an audience. Le’Andria Johnson who has four different children by four different baby daddies is now the symbol of gospel music and has been given the platform to become the voice of the black church. Amber Rose whose claim to fame is being Kanye West’s girlfriend and being a stripper is now being featured prominently on BET and many other shows. Her mantra is now the pushing feminism and acting like a slut and refusing to be called a slut. Her agenda is to lower standards in America and promote the most despicable lewd perversions to black people and shame everyone who tries to stop her. The promotion of people who are famous just for being famous who resort to deviant behavior just to stay relevant is destructive to black America.

3. Don’t judge me/ “You do you” mentality
This is the mentality that promotes self-interest and encourages people to pursue their own interest at the expense of the family or community. It rejects that values are important to any society and leads people into the false belief that actions have no consequences. A wise person once said that if you do not stand for anything then you will fall for everything. African immigrant set high educational standards for their children as a result they are the most educated group in America making up the doctors, lawyers, policymakers and business people in America. Parents in the inner cities who have a “you do you” attitude towards their children’s education end up with high school dropouts, teen pregnancy and high incarceration rates. In African culture it take a village to raise a child and in the village there are village elders who set the norms and values of the village. They are the ones who judge immoral or moral behavior acceptable or non-acceptable behavior. The village has standards and they enforce the standards by which everyone is expected to live by.

4. Individualism
Many so called successful black people believe in the nonsense of pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps to achieve success. They have bought into this propaganda hook line and sinker and do not extend a hand to other black people to help them come up whether in education or in corporate America. Euro-Americans always mentor formally or informally other Euro-Americans and guide their career plan and formulate strategy on how to move up in their organizations. Asian America do the same thing, which is why the technology space is dominated by Asian-Americans who make up 27% of the professionals in Silicon Valley, 19% managers and 14% executives.

5. What about black on black crime?
This is a diversion from the issue of police using excessive force when it comes to black people interacting with the police. There is no correlation between police brutality and black on black crime. Individuals who perpetrate black on black languishing in the prison and are punished to the full extent of the law. The same cannot be said for the police officers who use extensive force which results in black people losing their lives. The police force uses a person’s past to justify the actions of the officer involved and do damage control. This idea is used to alter the conversation of racism in America, because many people are afraid to have that conversation. America cannot solve its race issue until it admits that it has a race problem that is deeply rooted in the foundation.

6. Entertainment is just entertainment
The word entertainment means to hold the mind. Television was created in order to portray ideas and influence society. TV stations and newspapers always have an agenda or an idea that they want to communicate hence the need for mass media. During WWII President Roosevelt FDR’s administration used cinemas to spread propaganda about the war. Similarly Rupert Murdoch created Empire to reinforce negative stereotypes about black people & portray the black family as totally dysfunctional. Music and television transmits subliminal messages which bypasses normal perception and goes to subconscious and influences people to act in a certain manner. This is why companies use celebrities to push the sales of their products. A study conducted at one of the nation’s top universities Princeton by Associate Professor for Sociology and member of the office of Population Studies Devah Pager’s showed that it is easier for a white male with a prison record to get a job than a black man with a college degree. People perceive black people in America in a negative light and therefore are biased against them in hiring even when there is no evidence of wrongdoing.

7. Abortion is a means of birth control
The 1960s sexual revolution brought with it the idea of free love and that people could basically cast off all restraints and reject the society norms of abstinence and one man, one wife. This resulted in young people experimenting in sex outside marriage and consequently unwanted pregnancy. In 2015 Black women are 13% of the American female population and yet account for more than 30% of the abortions. This has led to Black America slipping from being the #1 emerging majority group to #2 behind Hispanics. Given the law of demographics it means that the smaller Black America becomes the smaller the significance in shaping America culture. Abortion says black lives do not matter.

8. Opposing the practice of homosexuality means you are homophobic
There is a big push to make black men the face of the gay agenda and to shame people into accepting this agenda without questioning it. If a prominent black person disapproves of the lifestyle then he or she will be shut out. Black churches are being silenced and told to discard their sacred text the Holy Bible which opposes the practice of homosexuality. What is interesting to note is that no gay advocate has ever approached a mosque about its stance on homosexuality but have just chosen to bully churches into compliance. Homosexuals in the black community make up only 3% of the population but are given the platform to speak for Black America.

9. The successful black woman
The term successful black woman is a figment of someone’s imagination and does not in fact represent reality of the black woman’s experience in America. According to the Bureau of Labor Black women in America on average make 77 cents for every dollar that a Euro-American man makes for doing the same job. There are only 2 African American women who are Chair of the Board of publicly traded companies, Cathy Hughes who founded Radio One and Mellody Hobson who sits on the Dreamworks Animation Board is wife of legendary filmmaker billionaire George Lucas. Ursula Burns is the only African American woman CEO of Fortune 500 company. Oprah Winfrey is the only African American woman on the Forbes List of billionaires. So where exactly are these successful black women- perhaps they are on Venus.

10. Politics does not solve some problems
The election of President Obama as America’s First Black President led some to erroneously believe that America had transcended into a post racial society. A few months into the Obama presidency racists came out of the closet waving their snake flags to signal that they were disturbing the political and social order of progress. The killing of Trayvon Martin and acquittal of George Zimmerman and many other Euro-Americans who kill black people came the realization that even with a black President or President who happens to be black, there is no justice in America for black people. Blacks in America are still perceived as guilty until proven innocent and not given equal protection under the law. Statistics show that black men are given 20% more jail time than white Americans who commit the same crime. This has led many to question the power of black involvement in politics and caused them to retreat into “it doesn’t matter who is in the White House” mentality. This is untrue because the three most important pieces of legislation that were signed in the history of America-Emancipation proclamation which freed the slaves and the Civil Rights Bill of 1964 and Voting rights Act of 1965 gave citizen rights to choose leader came from the government that was in power. In 2005, GW Bush signed a Bankruptcy reform law that makes student loans no dischargeable which translates to “you can be forgiven for all debts but not student loans.” Given the astronomical cost of college, black students are affected by this law because they are the ones who borrow more.


  1. It is food for thought. Sheds light on how we think and how we can see things differently from the prevailing thought.

  2. You have opened a can of worms because many people have had abortions and do not want anyone to tell them that it is wrong. Churches used to be the vanguard of the black community and teach people the importance of abstinence and responsible behavior.

  3. The supporters of abortion practice promiscuous behavior and have children out of wedlock then abort and do not see their behavior as wrong. The march for black lives matter on one day and abort black babies the next.

  4. The current rate of abortion is not good for community. If we are responsible for more than a third of abortions how will our population increase. Abortion is certainly working as a population control measure

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