Why Are Black Preachers Endorsing Donald Trump?


In our first article on Donald Trump titled, “The Endorsement of Donald Trump by Black Clergy” we focused on the announcement by Pastors Darrell Scott and George Bloomer endorsing his candidacy. In this article we will articulate why their endorsement of Donald Trump doesn’t make sense for most of black America and black people around the world.

Here is why black people know that these pastors are mistaken about supporting Trump’s GOP bid:

  • In the 1980s, Republican idol Ronald Reagan vetoed sanctions against the apartheid government of South Africa and was a staunch supporter of that evil undemocratic government.
  • In 2010, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell (now a convicted felon on corruption charges) celebrated the heritage of the confederacy which fought to enslave black people and he refused to acknowledge the role of slave in building the commonwealth of Virginia. All the black preachers never challenged him on this.
  • In Georgia, the Republican governor agreed to continue with segregated proms in 2014. Again these preachers were silent.
  • In 2015, Mississippi Republican lawmakers defended the confederate flag which is the American swastika as the official symbol of the state of Mississippi.
  • The Republican have declared war on affirmative action and have repealed it in the state of Michigan and have been emboldened to take it to the national level.
  • The Republicans have waged war on the federal government because that has been the vehicle that has protected black people against racism. First with the Emancipation proclamation that freed slaves by President Abe Lincoln and the Civil Rights legislation of 1960s by President Lyndon Johnson.
  • The Federal government is the only employer in America where African American people are paid comparable to their Euro American counterparts. In American industry African Americans make 70c for every dollar Euro Americans make. The black clergy ignore this fact.
  • Since 2010, the Republicans have launched a crusade to take away voting rights from emerging majorities and have enacted laws such as Voter ID laws to make this happen. These Pastors remain silent.
  • In 2015, Republican history revisionists in Texas approved a textbook by that erased the true history of slavery from middle school geography textbooks that describes slaves as migrant workers in an effort to whitewash history and deny the cruelty and brutal treatment of blacks in the American experience. Again not a word from the clergy.

In case you missed the announcement by Pastors Darell Scott and George Bloomer. You can watch the video below.


  1. It is very simple why GOP candidates such as Trump. Most Pastors make their money from being paid spokespeople for different causes. The GOP has been targeting the black church by going through the pastors. A pastor in , NC confessed how he was paid by various organizations to carry a certain message to the black church. He even expressed how well paid he was and a lot of other pastors are following this model. They are no longer paid by their churches and paid by special interest groups and Trump is a money source,

    • Has it occurred to you that they are scared? This may explain why they defended Sarah Palin after she supported Dr Schlessinger who called black people niggers. A grown man who bows shamelessly like that has been castrated.

  2. Only an idiot black pastor would endorse Trump after his own pastor disowns him all he says about black people. Bunch of jive turkeys.

  3. “IGNORANCE ” is BLISS!!!! When a person SHOWS you who and what HE IS ABOUT; BELIEVE HIM!!!!! What makes you think he (Donald Trump) has your interest at heart!!!!! Just take a LOOK at the REPUBLICANS RECORDS on MINORITIES! !!! “EVERY” ELECTION THEY are RE-DISTRICTING the STATES in order to DIFFUSE MINORITY VOTES; THEY try and ” MAKE IT DIFFICULT” for MINORITIES to “SHOW PROOF ” with ID; THEY “SHUTDOWN” VOTING STATIONS in ALL BLACK AREAS; and do “EVERYTHING ” POSSIBLE to make life DIFFICULT for MINORITIES! !!!! AND THESE BLACK PASTORS “THINK” by talking to DONALD TRUMP; he is going to LISTEN???? How UNEDUCATED ABOUT “HISTORY” and “COMMONSENSE” can THESE PASTORS BE!!!!! I guess “HISTORY ” NEVER TEACHES “THE UNTEACHABLE” because these BLACK PREACHERS ARE “PROOF in the PUDDING”!!!!!How SAD that COMMONSENSE “NEVER” REACHED THEIR BRAINS!!!!! I hope ALL of them are EXPOSED “NAME by NAME” to the public to show how IDIOTIC THESE PASTORS ARE in assuming a CHANGE is GONNA COME!!!!
    “15 MINUTES of “FAME” is NOT the answer!!!!

  4. Pastor Parsons also a Trump flunkie was in bankruptcy and cannot manage his own affairs despite millions of dollars in donations. Parsons bought church property while in foreclosure for 100K then sold it back to church 850K and pocketing $700,000. This is the caliber of black pastors supporting Trump.

  5. The racist GOP lawmakers Rick Brittin & Kurt Bahr in Missouri proposed new law to punish student athletes who generate millions for colleges because they stood up against oppression & nazi practices on campus by taking away scholarships . GOP wants to solence voice of revenue generating black athletes.those are GOP values.

  6. Ungodly men are attracted by other ungodly men and money. This men are not padtors, just devils running around empty Bibles . There are a lot of others who are doing the same, however, they are undercover. Trump will dump them and expose them as he gets others like them to lick his racist boots.He has fump, Ben Carson, except, Trump has not finish with his errand boy events. So very sad.

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