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Worship of Real Christian God v. European gods


There is a line of thinking in some circles that black people should not be Christians because Christianity is the white man’s religion. First, Jesus Christ whom the whole Christian religion is based upon was of Jewish/Hebrew descent. The Hebrews were Mediterranean people and Christianity only went to Europe after the death of Jesus Christ around 30 AD. Mediterranean people have dark hair and olive skin, not blonde hair and blue eyes. The pictures of Jesus with long blonde hair are factually inaccurate. and merely a figment of the imagination of European painters.

Before Christianity came to Europe, white people were pagans practicing Wicca which is basically divination, spirit mediums and other occult practices. The Greeks and the Romans practiced pluralistic religions where they had multiple gods such as Zeus, Minerva, mercury and Juno and eventually embraced Christianity. The early American immigrant settlers in Massachusetts like John Winthrop and his colony were Christians and recognized just Christianity as their sole religion but other Europeans who came to America had a polytheistic view of religion which means that though they practiced Christianity they also embraced Greek and Roman gods something which the founding fathers accepted.

The Euro American god is not the same as the Biblical God of Christianity. The Christian God forbids the erections of statues to represent him and the worship or praise of other Gods. All across America there are symbols of Greek and Roman gods who the Euro Americans white people pay homage to. The Library of Congress describes the Capitol building architecture as “The Roman Pantheon — the circular domed rotunda dedicated to all pagan gods”. The painting shows the Roman god Minerva instructing Ben Franklin on science and gods Neptune and Venus holding the telegraph cables.

Composite of how Jesus might have looked based on how an average Jewish man looked in the first century

Composite of how Jesus might have looked based on how an average Jewish man looked in the first century

One of Washington’s most famous structures is the Washington monument, this is a Greek or Roman mythology and not associated with Christianity. The Supreme Court building is known as the temple of Justice, a temple is a building devoted to worship in this case the roman goddess of justice. This is why their cultural practices are sometimes at odds with Christian teachings which forbid the erection of statues and idols. European spirituality and religion has always been altered to suit a political agenda. This is the reason that the Christian text was translated to meet the agenda of the day and changed words such as ‘servant’ to slave to justify the American slave trade.

“Shew me a penny. Whose image and superscription hath it? They answered and said, Caesar’s. And he said unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which be Caesar’s, and unto God the things which be God’s.”

In modern times the Euro American or western Christianity has adopted Hindu practices and now incorporated Yoga and eastern meditation as part of their practice. A hundred years from now people with be saying that yoga is a white man’s religion but nothing can be further from the truth. They have just adopted it and are able to showcase it because the western Christians have more influence in mass media.

In Africa that is why missionaries were sometimes used in the colonization of Africans. The missionaries put forth their political agenda before the religion. The political agenda at the time was exploiting resources of Africans above all else and for that they were willing to set aside the teachings of the sacred text the Holy Bible in favor of maintaining economic dominance.

The capitol and all of Washington DC are a reflection of the gods that the white Americans value and serve and these are Roman and Greek gods not to be confused with the God of the Christian faith. So when black Americans practice Christianity they are not worshiping the god of the oppressors of their forefathers, they are worshiping the real Christian God of the Bible.

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