Global Black History Is Now on YouTube


You can now find some of our content on YouTube. The following and many more Global Black History videos are available to view:

The Role of Missionaries in the Colonization of Africa

European missionaries especially from Portugal, France, Britain, and Germany went to Africa under the premise of going to convert the locals to Christianity. However, they actually aided in the colonization of Africans by Europeans. In many cases Christian conversion looked more like European Capitalist conversion.

The Other Side of Uhuru Kenyatta

The life, family (Mama Ngina, Margaret Wanjiru and children, Jomo, Ngina and Jaba) and wealth of Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The Role of Africans in World War 2

Thousands of colonized Africans were involuntarily conscripted to fight for the allies during World War 2. Most of the Africans were fighting for the British who were a major colonial power at the time. Most of the Africans recruited by the British came from British East Africa, British Somaliland, British West Africa, the Indian Empire, Northern Rhodesia, Nyasaland, the Mandate of Palestine, South Africa, Southern Rhodesia, Sudan.

The History of Early Portuguese Settlers in East & Southern Africa

Portugal was a small, poor feudal society during the 15th century with underdeveloped industry and unproductive agricultural lands. This explains the early exploration of the Portuguese in Africa and other parts of the world as they searched for better opportunities. Records show that the Portuguese first made contact with Africans in East and Southern Africa around 1443.

The Role of Explorers and Traders in the Colonization of Africa

Many explorers like David Livingstone would sign treaties with local Kings and Chiefs and this opened up more trade routes for Europeans. The reports sent by Explorers gave capitalists the impression that it was uncivilized and would benefit from European domination. The United Africa Company (UAC) was formed in 1879 by Sir George Goldie. By the early 1880s they had created a monopoly in the Niger delta area by buying out all the smaller companies in this region.