Rwanda: Many Years After the Genocide


The Republic of Rwanda is most often remembered for the 1994 genocide but significant progress over the years has shown that this small state in central and east Africa is a force that rivals many. Rwanda is bordered by Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Its economy has strengthened with per-capita GDP (PPP) estimated at $1,784 in 2015, compared with $416 in 1994. Major export markets include China, Germany, and the United States. As of 2015, the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda estimates Rwanda’s population to be 11 million.

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Rwanda has achieved remarkable progress in health and economy. Since 1990, under-5 mortality has decreased by two-thirds and maternal mortality by three-quarters, while life expectancy has nearly doubled. Rwanda has also become a pioneer in tackling cancer and non-communicable diseases that most low-income countries are only beginning to take on. The health achievements of this country surpass those of its peers and even countries with higher levels of economic development.

RWANDA economy