10 Questions Every Black Person Should Ask Trump & Clinton



  1. What is your response to sentencing of domestic terrorists who are bombing black churches?
  2. Will you advocate mandatory minimum sentences to those who commit acts of terror against black people?
  3. Black youth unemployment is one of the biggest issues affecting youth in urban areas. What programs will you put in place to combat this issue?
  4. Black women earn 70 cents for every dollar other people make. How will you advocate for equal pay for equal work?
  5. Abortion is a major issue affecting the black community and part of the strategy of eugenicists to eliminate the black race. It is estimated that 1,876 black children are aborted every day in the United States. What will you do as President to save these black babies from being exterminated?
  6. Entrepreneurship is the key to creating wealth in the black community. Access to capital is the main hindrance to starting micro and small businesses. What will you as President do to reduce barriers to borrowing so that more black people can open small businesses?
  7. Unfair sentencing is an issue that affects the black community and mass incarceration has destroyed the black family. In California the Stanford male student was sentenced to 3 months in jail for rape while in Tennessee a black college student was sentenced to 15 years. What will you do to ensure that the scales of justices are more equal?
  8. The cost of college is crippling with tuition trebling & quadrupling during the course of study. What programs will you institute to reduce the cost of college to make it more affordable?
  9. Will your administration provide funds to new colleges that provide skills based training in STEM that make students employment ready and not necessarily 4 year degrees?
  10. What is your agenda for Africa? What is the purpose of AFRICOM? What will you do to make AGOA more successful? Will you continue to provide PEPFAR funds to USAID to help AIDS patients in some parts of Africa?


  1. Donald trump’s idea of black America is increasin police presence to fuel prison industrial complex. Silly clergy standing next to him applauding this weapon of mass destruction.

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