10 Reasons Not to Watch HBO’s Insecure by Issa Rae

Issa Rae
  1. Misogyny is a central theme: Issa and her friend Molly call each other the “b”  word reserved for female dogs just like in rap videos so what difference does it make when it is a black woman who massacres the image of the black woman? Why celebrate her work when she is destroying black women? Molly is supposed to be this successful educated woman yet she uses crude ghetto language to communicate to other black people. HBO’s Insecure promotes black educated women as undesirable when she chases after some Arab guy who is clearly uninterested in this woman.
  2. Normalizing dysfunctional black relationships: The stereotypical educated black woman who cannot get a man represented in Molly. The lazy black man who cannot get a job sits around his girlfriend’s apartment eating fruit loop cereal all day long is so cliché. Not sure what Issa Rae is bringing to the table that is new or so groundbreaking. It just makes black Americans look pathetic in the eyes of the rest of the world. Making black women look more desperate and undesirable to every man.
  3. Vulgar language & uncouth stereotypical rap music which degrades black people:Throughout the episode the characters throw out the “n “word when referring to black men; black women the “b” word and during an episode in the restaurant every other word is the “f” word. Behavior that is unbecoming of college educated ladies. The lyrics of the opening song state “I’m ‘f’ up you are ‘f’ up.
  4. Sassy misbehaved black children in the first episode: Issa Rae portrays black children as unwilling to learn, not interested in the topic at hand which is the after school program but rather in her personal dating life which is an entirely inappropriate discussion between an adults and pre-teens. There is no real point to the classroom scene except to hear more disheartening statistics about how most of the children in that classroom are on the path to failure and will not graduate. I don’t know who thinks this makes good comedy. Black children are being shown as smart mouthed, sassy, profane little brats.
  5. Assault on the image black men: In addition to referring to black men using the “n” word which is a racist word used to denigrate black people in America Issa Rae continues her assault on black men by presenting a single black man as redeemable. The black guys are lazy, inept playing dominos or playing video games all day using coarse language and just downright sorry. She adds a line “black women are tired of settling for less”. The Arab guy sleeps with Molly then dumps her but she has nothing but good things to say about him, totally dysfunctional behavior which wreaks of low self-esteem with this black woman aspiring for a man who ignores her and wants nothing to do with her. The black fitness trainers are aggressive and profane who reinforce the label that black men are dangerous. The reason that most black men are gunned down in America and the juries’ side with the perpetrators is largely because of the image of the black man that is portrayed in mass media. Most non-black people do not know black people and get their cues from mass media. It’s pointless to set up a go fund me page for a black man who has been killed when women of clout & influence such as Issa Rae use their pen to digitally lynch black men on a weekly basis.
  6. Underlying eugenics & homosexual agenda: The undercurrent of the series is that black women cannot find love. Black men are with women of other races or inept therefore black women are out of options. In one of the promo videos Issa Rae tells her friend Molly she is breaking up with her boyfriend and has kissed Danielle. This subliminal messaging is mean to encourage black women to experiment if they cannot find love the traditional way. The eugenicists under Adolf Hitler and white supremacists have always sought to control the populations of people that they deem undesirable. In the 21st century they have promoted homosexuals in black programming. Homosexuals in the black community are less than 2% yet all programs now have to have a black gay character this is mean to reduce black conception and keep the black population low and disenfranchised.
  7. White savior complex: The black people are so pathetic that they cannot think of solving their own problems and have to rely on good liberal white people to stop high school dropout.
  8. Contempt for Black Christian values: She profanely invokes the name of the Christian God Jesus whom she blames for the bad choices which have led to failed relationships. Issa Rae would never talk of Buddha or Allah in that manner. The majority of black people in America subscribe to the Christian faith so by verbally assaulting their God Issa Rae shows again her total disdain for Black Americans and what they deem sacred.
  9. Inauthentic and not original: this show will lead to more people getting shows on television that promote black dysfunction. Issa Rae is continuing the tradition of portraying black women in stereotypical roles.  This show is not empowering women, it is social irresponsibility. Black women are still being portrayed not as confident or powerful but insecure and undesirable and have to chase after men who don’t want them or experiment with women because they are so pathetic and cannot engage in normal heterosexual relationships like Asians or Latinas or Europeans.
  10. No positive black characters: so called comedy is not funny snarky jabs . Moreover this so called comedy has no positive image of black people. This is no renaissance of the arts this is the same old woe is us black people.  Throughout the show there are no redeeming characters. Everything about this show sends the message that black people are profane, hood rats even when they are educated and come from two parent homes and have no morality or ethics. The show does not invoke any themes about the things black people value such as education, strong families, good fathers, Christianity and so forth.


  1. First, I’m not sure you even watched the show that closely. There was no mention of the character experimenting in homosexuality. She kissed Daniel, not Danielle.
    In addition you’re judging the entire series after two aired episodes. How do you know that the characters won’t grow or be shown to have redeeming qualities.
    Lastly, black women of the age and station as Molly’s character are largely unmarried compared to their white counterparts. There’s nothing wrong with showing how women of today are navigating modern day romance. Do you have a recommendation for a show that meets your standards? I would love to hear it.

    • I dont konw where uou live probably in Dysfunctionville Atlanta or California or one of those cesspools of disease & suicide. In normal America i know many many very married Mollys i know fewer successful unmarried women so that depiction of desperate educated woman is not my reality. Sorry to disappoint you. Black women are normal have families & work jobs & date & marry competent black men.

  2. Let me state this pure and simple to all KraKKKerKasians, KooKKKasian, and their impresario’s ; I personally as a man of Afrikan descent do not find other men on this planet any more superior to me or any Afrikan male for that matter but I will say we Afrikan men do not have courage of our convictions , period or we don’t have any convictions at all and that means True Spiritual Death !!!!!!

  3. I watched the episode on YouTube absolute garbage & to think that the whoke black aparatus is behind this nonsense is apalling. Smh …

  4. There was a homosexual scene of two guys checking each other out in the club. You better recognize subliminal messaging.

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