Kirk Franklin’s Dress & Anti Family Agenda


The black church is one of the oldest institutions in the American black community. It is the cornerstone of society and helped birth the civil rights movement and end segregation. The church has remained as the lone voice in the wilderness preserving black families and black values,  the building blocks of any society.

Kirk Franklin, one of the most popular Christian musicians who made his fame with catchy phrases and recycling pop songs wore a dress to the 2017 Grammys a few weeks ago. Franklin has typically appealed to youth church culture and even at almost 50 years old he remains popular with the youth by appearing hip and trendy. Kirk Franklin’s desire to remain forever young has interfered with sound judgement and his decision to promote an anti-family agenda. The first telltale sign of Franklin’s anti-family agenda came from Kirk’s cover of Smile where he wore pink lipstick. In traditional Christian African culture men do not wear lipstick or dresses. Cross dressing destroys the fabric of society and creates dysfunction which is not welcome in our society. A husband and wife are the building blocks of a family and the family is the foundation of any society.

Promotion of Homosexual agenda in America

While Kirk Franklin’s behavior is apalling, it is symptomatic of the dysfunction that celebrities introduce into our culture. Every television show in America that is currently under production has a black gay character. It is not to say that there are no gay people in the black community but on television they are over represented to paint a picture that the whole black community is filled with gay men.

Charles Buckley a former basketball player turned elf appointed conservative spokesperson for the black community was dancing around in a dress. African American male celebrities are celebrated for wearing dresses in order to normalize this disorder and to produce effeminate males who cannot protect and provide for their families. Ultimately, this deviance leads to population control.

Population control in Africa

Africa’s population is expected to grow to 1.4BN by 2025 which translates to 1 out of 3 children being born in Africa by 2050 according to UNICEF. This has led eugenicists to convince African governments that they need to institute policies that reduce the number of children that women give birth. So far, Ethiopia and Rwanda are leading this charge. The pretext that they use is that Africa does not have enough resources land and economic for the burgeoning population. The girls’ empowerment movement is meant to encourage women to become educated and pursue careers at the expense of having families. Educated women do not want to marry men who are subsistent farmers and there aren’t enough educated men to marry these women which means many educated women will remain unmarried and will have no children. In Tunisia, where these policies were promoted in the 1960s there was a decline in the number of children born from 7 per woman on average to 2 in the early 1990s.

Promotion of Abortion

In the United States, population control is carried out through organizations like Planned Parenthood which are often set up in the black community. It is no secret that the founder of Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger was a eugenicist. Eugenics is the pseudoscience that espouses that life should be based on survival of the fittest and that only those with superior genetics should reproduce to make a better society. She viewed black people as part of the ‘undesirables’ and set up clinics to abort black people and lessen the number of what she deemed were ‘undesirables’ with the hope that one day black people would be extinct.

Pseudo hyper masculinity agenda

Lastly, there is a false narrative being propelled by the liberal groups where they seek to blame the black man for all the ills of society. Whether its for children born out of wedlock, crime, lack of jobs and poverty it’s all being blamed on the black man as though there are no outside forces such as the invisible hand of white supremacy. They use the term ‘hyper masculinity’ to describe strong principled black men and portray fathers who are protectors as negative.

There is nothing artistic about a so called heterosexual 50 year old man in a dress. This is the sign of a dysfunctional man who needs help and needs to stop trying to introduce deviance into the black society and the whole society needs to reject this anti- family agenda.


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