Charlize Theron’s Human Rights Abuse of Black Child


Charlize Theron is a South African born actress who was raised under apartheid regime. Her ancestors who created apartheid perpetuated one of the worst atrocities of ethnic cleansing known to mankind far worse than Adolf Hitler. Africans who were exterminated have never been recognized because they have no resources to tell the world their story.

Charlize went back to South Africa and adopted a boy named Jackson. The circumstances regarding his adoption are not known all that is known is that he was supposed to be getting a better life. Today the young boy is seen wearing a dress with a blonde wig as though he were some pet zoo animal and not a human being. This is child abuse, human rights abuse.

Where are the NGOs?

There is no outcry from human rights groups those that claim to love African children but why are they mute about social engineering that is so detrimental to the black African family? Would Charlize do this to a white male child.

Where are the churches and spiritual leaders?

There are churches and spiritual gurus all over the continent who claim that they stand for a higher power and ascribe to a higher standard of living? The family is the basic building block of community. The family starts with husband and wife and children which leads to the promotion of the African race. But why are these spiritual leaders silent about this type of ethnic cleansing that destroys the community?

Where is the African media?

African voices and media are growing but it is an imitation of western gossip sites and imitating focus on degenerate behavior. They are incapable of focusing on serious issue such as this that affect the progression of African culture

African freebie mentality has led Africans to believe that foreigners have their best interests at heart. They do not ask any questions because if they did they would understand that there is nothing free. Charlize wanted to make Jackson a walking advertisement for the emasculation of the black male. There are no groups that fight for the black male child so she knew that she could get away with turning this black male child into her doll and no one would ever say a word about the human rights abuse that is being perpetuated on the black child who doesn’t have a voice and has no one to speak for him.

Population control agenda & Social engineering

  • Emotional logical vs biology how can children can determine their identity at 5 years of age? How did he know he wanted to be a girl unless Charlize fed that propaganda to him? Charlize, the descendant of the architects of apartheid wants to normalize the ethnic cleansing of the black male.
  • Fatherlessness- Jackson’s father was not in his life, otherwise no African father would allow his son to be changed into a girl.
  • Poverty unfortunately Jackson’s parents thought their child would have access to better education and more opportunities than the other children in the village.

African village – it is said that it takes a village to raise a child. Where are the village elders to stand up for Jackson and demand that he be raised as boy & not a girl and to mandate that adopted children are protected from gender change social engineering?

When the Arabs first came to Africa they enslaved Africans. They took some of them back to the Middle East and committed the most outrageous form of social engineering and ethnic cleansing by castrating the black men to make sure that they could not propagate the black race and to limit the population of Africans.


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